Friday May 26, 2017

The World Is Uniting Against the Regime in Iran

Hassan Rouhani was elected to a second term in office, but his election has little meaning in light of the fact that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei sets Iran’s policy, and is backed by the Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Arguments against the Iranian government are not directed at its people, who have been manipulated. It has been directed at the conduct of the leadership, whose policies emphasize suppression of dissent, and its foreign policy of war and terrorism.


How Iran's Election Grew the Opposition Movement

The Iranian people faced a hard decision in this year’s presidential election. In Iran, the people’s choices to were reduced to selecting the lesser of two evils.

Hassan Rouhani’s first term saw a nuclear deal that provided little economic benefit to Iran’s populace. Their poverty incited massive protests over inflated salaries for officials. As well, they witnessed a crackdown on human rights that imprisoned students, bloggers, journalists and artists.


Why Iran Lobby Downplays Role of Supreme Leader

The Iran lobby seeks to downplay the role Ali Khamenei plays in both determining the outcome of the election, and his power over whoever is elected. 

The National Iranian American Council was the most vocal group that pushed the narrative of Iranian presidential election being a battle between the “moderate” Hassan Rouhani and the “hardliner” Ebrahim Raisi.


Iran Remains Militant for Rouhani's Second Term

Shortly after his election to a second term, President Hassan Rouhani held a press conference to outline his plans for the upcoming four years.

That the mullahs’ regime will continue their militant efforts in the region, was one of the first things he noted, adding that Iran had troops on the ground in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, and that they are ready to continue to fight terrorism in the region. “Iran has and will support these through its diplomats and military advisors,” said Rouhani. “The Iranians and Russians fought against terrorism alongside the Syrians and the Iraqis. Who continues to fund the terrorists? The U.S. government has never fought against terrorism…Hezbollah is a group accepted and trusted by the people of Lebanon.”


Iran: The "Axis of the Resistance"

King Salman and President Donald Trump chaired the significant summits in Riyadh.The result makes it impossible to believe there are tensions between the two countries.

Grateful for Saudi Arabia’s welcome, the US president voiced appreciation for the kingdom’s rich culture. Some 55 leaders from Muslim-majority countries attended the US-Islamic summit, and discussed terrorism and the ways it might infiltrate their countries.


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