Saturday March 25, 2017

Iran refuses to apply brakes on executions

The Iranian regime continues to commit gross violations of human rights despite repeated calls by rights groups and other countries for revision of policy. In Iran, people are subjected to medieval laws that proscribe death penalty and other cruel punishments for a wide range of crimes. 

Two men, were hanged to death in a southeastern city of Iran on Sunday. The two men had been in prison for four years prior to their execution. They had been sentenced to death for enmity with God.


Injustice prevails in Iran

Somewhere in Iran in a grimy cell lies Saman Naseem, a political prisoner in the grasp of the Fundamentalist regime beaten, bruised and tortured physically and mentally.

This poor soul is scheduled to be executed on 19th February. According to Amnesty International Saman was tortured and a forced confession was recorded to air on television.


Both ISIS and the Iranian regime responsible for the mess

The Islamic State’s (IS or ISIS) lust for blood remains unsatisfied as it continues to subject innocent people to inhumane treatment under the pretext of religion. A series of incidents involving beheadings, immolation, rapes and murders has made it clear that the terrorist group’s depravity knows no bounds. The idea is to remain at the center of everyone’s attention and spread terror through mainstream and social media. Recent videos show that ISIS is investing in production and desperate to create a spectacle to ensure that it gets the coverage it deserves.


Iran: Arresting youths for partying

The Iranian regime continues to champion gross interference in the lives of citizens in a bid to prevent public expression of discontent.

Great discrepancy lies between the regime’s outlook and the aspirations of the Iranian people.


Iranian regime is exporting oil in violation of sanctions

The Iranian regime is sidestepping Western sanctions and managing to sell hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fuel oil every month through companies based in United Arab Emirates, according to a report.


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