Monday April 24, 2017

Both ISIS and the Iranian regime responsible for the mess

The Islamic State’s (IS or ISIS) lust for blood remains unsatisfied as it continues to subject innocent people to inhumane treatment under the pretext of religion. A series of incidents involving beheadings, immolation, rapes and murders has made it clear that the terrorist group’s depravity knows no bounds. The idea is to remain at the center of everyone’s attention and spread terror through mainstream and social media. Recent videos show that ISIS is investing in production and desperate to create a spectacle to ensure that it gets the coverage it deserves.


Iran: Arresting youths for partying

The Iranian regime continues to champion gross interference in the lives of citizens in a bid to prevent public expression of discontent.

Great discrepancy lies between the regime’s outlook and the aspirations of the Iranian people.


Iranian regime is exporting oil in violation of sanctions

The Iranian regime is sidestepping Western sanctions and managing to sell hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fuel oil every month through companies based in United Arab Emirates, according to a report.


Appeasing Iran regime must end

Mrs Rajavi in her speech paid tribute to the late Lord Russell Johnston the former Liberal leader and President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for his efforts to promote Human rights and democracy and proceeded to discuss the matter of the brutal killing of journalists in Paris as well the rise of extremist groups like ISIS.


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