Monday June 26, 2017

US negotiations continue alongside human rights violations in Iran

A new report from by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom on imprisonment and persecution of Christians, Baha’is, Jews and minority Sunni Muslims has made key lawmakers to call for new human rights sanctions targeting Iran’s clerical regime and has urged President Obama whose administration is undergoing negotiations with Tehran to spearhead this step.

US senators introduce bill targeting Iran foreign exchange reserve

Reuters - A group of bipartisan U.S. senators introduced legislation on Wednesday that aims to block Iran's access to billions of dollars worth of foreign currency reserves, in the latest step by Congress to try to slow the Islamic Republic's disputed nuclear program.

US Court Awards Dissident over Iranian Washington Lobby

Hassan Daiolsalam

Stop Fundamentalism – An Iranian-American dissident, who has been outspoken about the activities of the Iranian regime's Lobby in Washington, was awarded a sum over $180,000 last week by the court to compensate for damages following a defamation claim law suit brought against him by the Iranian government’s Lobby.

Iranian Opposition NCRI Opens Washington D.C. office

Speaking at the opening ceremony, from left to right, Phillip J. Crowley, Patrick Kennedy, Alireza Jafarzadeh, General James Jones, Sona Samsami, John Bolton, John Sono

AFP - The People's Mujahedeen, the Iranian opposition group listed by the United States as a terrorist organization until last year, opened an office in Washington Thursday for the first time in 15 years.

U.S. State Department Removes Iranian MEK from its Blacklist

Stop Fundamentalism – The U.S. Department of State officially announced today that it has removed the Iranian dissident group, the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK) from its Foreign Terrorist Organizations list.  The announcement comes only a week after the department’s spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland told reporters in a press briefing that Secretary of State Clinton has made her decision regarding the group and notified the Congress about her decision. 

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