Wednesday April 26, 2017

Iran - Hunger Strike in Second Month, Calling for Release of Ashraf Residents

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When United stated and the coalition forces entered Iraq, they reached an agreement with the camp residents for protection in place of disarmament of the camp.  The camp resident were then put under the protection of Geneva Conventions as protected June 28,2009 - Iraqi forces attack camp Ashraf residents with military vehiclespersons since they were not a party to the war and were considered civilians.

United States released the protection of the camp to Iraqi forces taking the role of a simple observer.  This was met with objections from the camp residents reasoning that Iraqis would sell them to the Iranian regime and that would cause disaster.
On June 28 Iraqis attacked the unarmed camp residents while US forces stood aside watching.

Iraqis took 36 camp members into custody and although a local court subsequently ruled that they are not guilty and should be released, they continue to be held in prison.

All 36 abductees are now in their second month of hunger strike along with many other Iranians in camp Ashraf and also all over the world who demand their release.

The hunger strikers call for the release of 36 abducted residents and also demand that the protection of Ashref be returned into American hands until a United Nations force can be stationed there.  These demands are in-line with the Geneva Conventions.

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