Arab Spring
Monday May 29, 2017

Syria’s Opposition Welcomes Arab Decision, Foreign Embassies Ransacked by Assad Supporters

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The Syrian National Council is calling for Assad to be called to the International Criminal Court for his crimes and violations of human rights in that country.

Meanwhile the Iranian government has expressed concern over the announcement of suspension of Syria’s membership in the Arab League.  Asr daily, a newspaper of Iran’s ministry of intelligence considered the approval of Syria’s suspension as, “Most important blow to the Syrian government rule during the past few months.” The paper expressed dismay over the fact that, “It seems the Arab League is planning to gradually recognize the Syrian opposition.”

The Libyan interim government has already closed Syrian embassy in Tripoli and has recognized the opposition council to Bashar Al-Assads government as the official government of Syria. 

Tunisia has called in its ambassador to Damascus, and has already closed Syria’s embassy in that country.    The country unofficially has announced recognition of Syrian opposition.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait have already called in their ambassadors to Syrian.

Arab League consists of 22 Arab countries.

In Syria, there are reports of attacks on foreign embassies in Damascus.  Arab news agencies report that Qatar and Saudi Embassies have been attacked. The Saudi Embassy was ransacked by Assad supporters and windows and furniture inside were broken. 

Other reports say attackers also brought down Qatari flag at this country’s embassy in Damascus and set it on fire. 

News agency reports also indicate that French and Turkish Consulates in Latakia were assaulted by groups that some of them where armed with fire arms.

Turkey told AFP that it has removed unnecessary personnel from Syrian.

Latest reports from inside Syria say 16 people were killed by Assad forces Saturday.  United Nations tally says since March 3500 people have been killed in clashes between armed forces and protesters in that country.

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