Arab Spring
Thursday May 25, 2017

Syria Bound Iranian Arms in German Ship Stopped

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The European Union has imposed an arms embargo against Syria for the bloody crackdown on dissidents in that country by the Assad regime.  Over 9000 people have died since last March in the country’s 13 months rise for freedom.  A United Nations cease fire is in place for four days now, but the killing of civilians by government forces continue.

The ship Atlantic Cruiser was owned by Bockstiegel, a German shipping company and was leased by “White Whale”, a Ukrainian firm.  The weapons are said to have come from Iran, loaded a cargo received from an Iranian cargo ship in Djibouti.

According to Der Spiegel, the ship wanted to refuel in a Cypress port but was rejected since its crew told the port authorities that the ship is carrying weapons and ammunitions.  Security sources say that the sea route between Djibouti and Tartus is known as an easy route for Syria bound Iranian arms.

United Nations has not imposed any sanctions against Syria yet. 

Western countries condemn Iran for providing weapons to Syria.  Iran strongly back the Syrian dictator, Bashar Al-Assad.  Some Iranian paramilitary personnel have been captured by Syrian dissidents for participating in the massacre of civilians in that country.