Sunday April 30, 2017

US Commander in Middle East: Iran is Buying Time

IAEA says Iran has tested a nuclear warhead in Parchin

Stop Fundamentalism – In a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing today, General James Mattis, the US’s head of Central Command in the Middle East said that the current efforts by the west to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb are not working.


Iran Replacing Old Nuclear Centrifuges with Advanced Models

Iran displaying missile in front of supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s picture

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran’s head of Nuclear Energy Agency, Fereidoun Abbasi, told the state-run ILNA news agency yesterday that his country plans to replace old centrifuges with 3000 new advance models in a very short period of time.


Iran Installs New High-Tech Centrifuges in Natanz before Talks

Stop Fundamentalism - During a recent inspection tour of the Iranian Natanz nuclear site located south-east of the capital Tehran, the International Atomic Energy Agency observers spotted about one hundred new high-tech centrifuges installed and ready to be put to work.  The new generation machines, says the IAEA, can enrich uranium three to five times faster than previous ones.


EU HR Catherine Ashton Wants Progress in Iran Talks

Stop Fundamentalism – Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative, calls for progress in nuclear negotiations between western powers and Iran that is taking place in Almaty, Kasakhstan today.


Germany Arrests two Iranians for Export of Drone Parts

Stop Fundamentalism - Two Iranian men, a 30 year-old and another 54, have been arrested for smuggling aircraft motors to Iran, reported Associated Press today.  The parts are intended for use in building the Iranian homemade pilotless aircraft drone.



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