Tuesday May 23, 2017

German Paper: Iran Tests Nuclear Weapons in North Korea

Stop Fundamentalism – German language news publications reported last week that Iran and North Korea have cooperated in a number of nuclear tests in early 2010.  Die Welt newspaper reported Sunday that Iran has completed at least one nuclear weapons test in North Korea in 2010, says the website of Radio Farda, a Persian language radio program based in Europe.


IAEA Has Serious Concerns about Military Dimensions of Iran’s Nuclear Program

Stop Fundamentalism – A confidential report to be presented to the 35 member nations of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency board of directors says that the agency continues to have “serious concerns regarding possible military dimensions to Iran's nuclear program,” said Associated Press that obtained a draft of the report in advance of its submission.

The report is the latest assessment of Iran’s nuclear efforts prepared by IAEA.  It shows that Iran is rapidly speeding up its efforts to produce larger amount of higher grade uranium which can lead this country to having the capability to produce nuclear bombs.


IAEA Nuclear Experts to Visit Iran

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian authorities will be given a chance to prove their nuclear development program has peaceful intentions. 

A team of experts from International Atomic Energy Agency will be visiting Iran 29-31 January to  “resolve all outstanding substantive issues,” says a statement released by the IAEA on 23 January.


UN Nuclear Delegation Leaves Iran Empty Handed

Stop Fundamentalism – United Nations team of five members left Iran today complaining about the lack of results from two times talks with this country’s officials.

“The United Nations atomic energy watchdog has voiced disappointment at the lack of progress made during a two-day visit to Iran aimed at clarifying possible military dimensions to the country’s nuclear program,” said the nuclear agency of the United Nations, IAEA in a statement today.

The team of UN exports visited Iran yesterday and today as well as three days last month.  While both parties considered the meeting constructive when the IAEA left Iran last time, it was later revealed that Iran had not allowed the UN agency to visit a top secret nuclear military site called Parchin near Tehran.


Iran Threatens to Retaliate for Lost Nuke Scientist

Stop Fundamentalism - An Iranian website affiliated with ruling sectors of the Iranian regime threatened western countries of retaliations for the loss of its nuclear scientists.

A deputy director of Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment plant was killed Wednesday when a magnetic bomb exploded in his car.  The bombing took place at the anniversary of another nuclear scientist who was killed last year on the same day. Iran blames U.S. and Israel for the killing.

“Iran enters a new phase for special intelligence operations against its enemies, a task that it uniquely specializes in,” wrote the website ‘Tabnak’ yesterday adding, “The response region would be beyond our borders and regional.”


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