Tuesday May 23, 2017

Protestor march Iran Streets Despite Crackdown

Stop Fundamentalism, Tehran July 9, 8:00pm – Crowds of thousands of people are now marching Tehran streets in memory of those killed ten years ago during student uprising.

While security forces have swarmed the streets to prevent any type of anti-government demonstration, attending crowd grows by the hour.


Tehran - Presence of Basij and plain-clothes agents in streets

Stop Fundamentalism, Tehran - In the eve of July 9, the anniversary of student uprising 10 years ago during Khatami's presidency, plain-clothes agents and Revolutionary Guards Forces are making their presence felt throughout the streets of Tehran, carrying their weapons and Batons.



Iran Security Police Raids Cafenets in Kermanshah

Stop Fundamentalism, Kermanshah – According to reports from Kermanshah, on Tuesday July 7, security forces in Kermanshah raided many Café Net shops in the city and arrested a number of Internet users there.


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