Tuesday May 23, 2017

Economic Crisis Grounds Iran's Airliners

Stop Fundamentalism – Smaller Iranian airline companies may be going bankrupt soon due to a recent threefold jump in airplane fuel prices and the ongoing fall in the number of travelers.


Iran’s Currency Rial Loses More Value Against Dollar

Iranian Money

Stop Fundamentalism - For third day in a row, Dollar continues to rise in value in Iran’s money exchange market.


Iran - Earthquake in Kerman Measures 5.5

5.5 earthquake shakes Sirch in Kerman Province of Iran

Stop Fundamentalism – A 5.5 magnitude earthquake shock Sirch city in the Iranian Kerman province last night at 23:18 local time, reported Iran’s Tehran University Geophysics Institute.


Iran's Quiet Bazaar, Economic Crisis, and Rise of Dollar Value

Stop Fundamentalism - “The bazaar is quiet in a very strange way,” told a merchant in Kuwaity bazaar located at the heart of the greater Tehran Bazaar to INA News reporter, Monday.


Iranian IRGC Official Predicts More Unrest in Upcoming Months

IRGC General Naser Shabani is among growing number of regime officials who express anxiety over future of Islamic Republic

Stop Fundamentalism – Severe living conditions and increasing economic problems in Iran as a result of international sanctions could lead to more unrest in the country in the upcoming months, said Revolutionary Guards’ Brigadier General Naser Shabani to Iranian Farsi language Ghanoon newspaper yesterday.



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