Tuesday May 23, 2017

Mother Protests Son's Death Under Torture

Sattar Beheshti's mother protesting her son's death

Stop Fundamentalism – Forty days past Sattar Beheshti's death under torture while in custody of Iranian police, family of the dissident blogger gathered along with a considerable number of Iranian citizens in Robat Karim cemetery near Tehran to honor his memory, yesterday.


Iran Shows off Cyber Police Activity

A scary black and white drawing of an eye highlights Iran's Cyber Police role on the internet during show

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian Cyber Police shows off its activities during a "Police and Science" exhibition in Tehran, bragging about how better its achievements are than the American police.



Classroom Fire injures 45 Girls in Primary School

At least six girls currently stay in critical condition at the Piranshahr hospital

Stop Fundamentalism – Forty five fourth graders suffer burn injuries after a fire breakout in a primary girls' school in Iranian West-Azerbaijan province today. At least six girls currently stay in critical condition at the Piranshahr hospital while some others were treated for minor injuries at the scene, reported Iranian news agencies.


Iran – At Least 5 Dead in Khorasan Earthquake

Stop Fundamentalism – A Tremor of 5.5 magnitude on the Richter scale shock the city of Zahan near Brijand in the eastern Iranian province of Khorasan at exactly 20:38 local time tonight, reported Iranian state-run news agency Mehr.


Iran – Earthquake Shakes Kerman City

Stop Fundamentalism – An earthquake of magnitude 5 on the Richter scale shock the central Kerman city last night, report Iranian news agencies from the Seismological center in Kerman. That is while hours earlier another milder earthquake, 3.5 magnitude, was registered a few kilometers away from the city.



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