Tuesday May 23, 2017

Tehran Shaken by 3.8 magnitude earthquake

Stop Fundamentalism – Tehran’s seismology research center reported today that a 3.8 magnitude earthquake shock the Iranian capital city of Tehran, this morning Saturday August 19.  The center of earthquake is determined to be in the north part of the city. 


Another Earthquake Hit Iranian Western Province of Azerbaijan

Stop Fundamentalism - Iran’s state-run television reported today that a 6.4 magnitude earthquake once again hit the Varzaghan region in the Azerbaijan province of Iran.  No reports of casualties or damages have yet been released. 


Strong Earthquake hits near Iran’s Azerbaijani City Tabriz

AFP, TEHRAN — A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 struck on Saturday near the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz, Tehran University's Seismological Centre said.


Iran’s Currency Continues to Fall Against Dollar

Stop Fundamentalism – Each Dollar was traded at 21,300 Riyals today in Tehran, says Mehr state-run news agency.  That is 250 Riyals rise in price of Dollar in less than a week.


Chicken Protesters Pour into Iranian city Streets

Stop Fundamentalism — AP reported from an Iranian news agency that people have poured into the streets of the northeastern city of Neishabour to protest a steep hike in the price of chicken.


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