Iran Regime's MP: In Response to New US Sanctions, 20% Enrichment Should Be Launched

31 July 2017

On July 28, 2017, member of Iranian regime parliament, mullah Mousavi Largani, said: “If the new sanctions are approved by the US Congress, a plan should be drawn up to oblige the government to place 20% enrichment (of uranium) on the agenda.”

He added that new sanctions against Iran regime have been approved by the US Congress, while Tramp has accused the regime of violating the nuclear agreement (JCPOA) in recent days...

The Iran Regime Has Made Western Afghanistan Insecure

28 July 2017

The Ghor Provincial Council announced on Monday, July 24, 2017, that the Iranian regime is financially and militarily backing the Taliban in western Afghanistan to destroy the Salma Dam of Herat.

Ghor Provincial Council chairman Fazlul Haq Ehsan says the Iranian regime wants to eliminate the Salma Dam in Herat by supporting the Taliban.

Iran: Rouhani Has Provided the Maximum Financial Support for the IRGC

26 July 2017

In continuation of the internal conflict between Iranian regime’s various bands over choosing Hassan Rouhani's upcoming Cabinet members, and the Revolutionary Guards pressure to have several ministers into the cabinet, the head of the Parliament’s Planning and Budget Commission revealed that the 11th government (Rouhani’s previous cabinet) was entirely on the path of the IRGC and Khamenei and has had the most financial support for the IRGC.

Zohreh Heydari: A Symbol of the Iranian Resistance

19 July 2017

During the summer of 1988, a 17 year old woman from the Iranian city of Qom was sentenced to 70 lashes which she received the night before her execution. Her name was Zohreh Heydari and she is a symbol of the courage of the members of the Iranian Resistance.

During the summer of 1988, the Supreme Leader of Iran ordered the execution of all members of the opposition. In this short period of time, more than 30,000 political prisoners were executed. This is an alarming crime against humanity that was perpetrated by Khomeini who wanted to annihilate his opponents in a quest for regime survival.

United States Imposes Further Sanctions on Iran

19 July 2017

Earlier this week, the United States applied more sanctions on Iran. These economic sanctions are related to the country’s ballistic missile program and its belligerence across the Middle East, actions which the Trump administration says undercut anything positive from the nuclear deal. 

These latest actions are a demonstration from the Trump administration that the United States will keep pressuring Iran for as long as necessary while keeping the 2015 nuclear deal intact.

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