Iran Uprising
Wednesday May 24, 2017

Iranian Soccer Fans Turn Victory Parade into Anti-regime Demonstration

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Iranian opposition sources from National Council of Resistance in Paris, reported today that people clashed with police in many cities including Tehran, Isfahan, Ghaemsharhr, Tabriz, Kermanshah, Mashhad, and Shiraz.  Police used teargas trying to disperse the crowd.

The opposition says that presence of police did not stop the people from flooding the streets.

At half past midnight the young crowed, amounting to thousands, gathering at Tehran Parkway, managed to release 15 youngsters from the police custody.  They were arrested during the same protest.

Police forces in Tehran blocked all streets leading to the main television station preventing the crowed from moving forward using teargas.

In Isfahan and Kermanshah people shouted and demanded the release of political prisoners.  Demonstrations in Isfahan lasted until early hours in the morning today.

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