Tuesday May 23, 2017

NIAC’s round table, Maziar Bahari and Barbara Slavin

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NIACKambiz Assai:

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has organized a conference today Thursday August 4 to discuss why the US must continue to hamper and tie down the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), the main Iranian opposition movement, by inclusion in its Foreign Terrorist Organizations list (FTO).

For months now NIAC has been engaged in a very costly campaign to force the US State Department to refrain from removing the MEK from the FTO list. They have even setup a separate website entirely dedicated to propaganda video clips and material to demonize the MEK and misinform the public.

That NIAC has links with the Iranian regime is not a secret to anyone. Documents on its current president, Trita Parsi’s email exchanges with the Iranian ambassador in New York, and its six digit invoices to Iranian authorities for “Consultation” to broker deals with the US on illusionary grounds has been well known for a while now.  NIAC’s policy positions and lobbying for the Iran regime are also well known in trying to find someone in the regime that will negotiate with the US all the time.


Who benefits from keeping MEK in the FTO list?

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Kambiz Assai:

The MEK/PMOI (Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization) the prime opposition to the Iran regime, has been kept in the US State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) list for more than a decade now.

This is a subject that has been much debated recently in many hearings in the US House of Representatives. It is thus, certainly worth to know who benefits and who loses from keeping the MEK in the FTO list.

What is crystal clear is that the Iran government is following and lobbying the matter with all that it has. It seems that Iran mullahs simply cannot afford to have the MEK removed from the FTO.

The fact is that the despotic rulers of Iran are right to be fearful. They have seen the massive demonstrations in the streets of Iranian cities nationwide two years ago, as well as the events sweeping through Libya and Syria. The mullahs want to protect themselves from a similar upcoming destiny.


A Candle in the Dark

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IRANNTV - www.iranntv.comSiavosh Rajizade:

Saturday 23th and Sunday 24th of July were designated as "Hamyari Days" (supporting days) with Simay-e Azadi (The Vision of Freedom) or Iran National Television (INTV) which is a banded opposition satellite channel in Iran. It was the 12th "hamyari" but because of extensive calls from Iranians across the world, the program has been extended and the producers cannot set an end.

I have heard the most elegant words. I have seen the most beautiful tears, smiles and the most amazing sacrifices. And truly, I see the burning thirst of a nation who wants to live free and get released of an evil regime of the Mullahs in Tehran. The callers say that this voice must not get silenced, because it is the voice of the Iranian people and the people in Camp Ashraf. Since Saturday, it has been more than four days now that the Iranian people are helping INTV financially with all they have so that it can continue its programs and stay their voice.


Iran regime’s lobbies worried about MEK delisting in US

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 Reza Fard

Simultaneous with state-run media in Iran and officials of the clerical regime, the lobbies of the Iranian regime have stepped up their activities to discredit the organized opposition to the Iranian regime, Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization of Iran (MEK or PMOI).

It appears that they are worried about imminent removal of the unjust terror label against the MEK following the ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and flood of support for the MEK by former ranking officials in the United States.


Who Set Iran’s Washington Lobbyist on Fire?

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Ten of thousands of Iranians gather in Paris on June 18 in support of resistance

Nima Sharif:

Peculiar things happen in Washington.  But one that is most bizarre is an Iranian lobby group which has now turned green, that is merely going bananas over the possibility of Washington delisting the main Iranian opposition movement, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (Mek/PMOI).

For years, the lobby group known as NIAC has promoted ways and means of just how to “get along” with the Ayatollahs regime in Iran.  First it was Rafsanjani, Iran’s former president, who was the most moderate man in the world, and then it turned out that Khatami was even more moderate.  And after Khatami, surprise, there came Ahmadinejad who was just the man that America could sit and talk to.

And now NIAC is banging its head against the walls in the Hill to press American policy makers that they should at any price continue the policy to appease the terrorist mullah’s ruling in Iran and instead of pressuring Iran, suppress its legitimate opposition movement in exile.  That way democracy will prevail and Iran’s “indigenous democratic movement”,   led by individuals who have held high offices during the past 30 years of brutal rule of clerical regime will succeed.