Arab Spring
Wednesday May 24, 2017

Syria Bound Iranian Arms in German Ship Stopped

Stop Fundamentalism – A German cargo ship in the Mediterranean Sea has been stopped for carrying arms to Syria, reported German Der Spiegel today.  The ship was stopped just south of Syrian port of Tartus on Friday, said the German weekly.


British Born Wife of Assad Should Break Silence - AI

Stop Fundamentalism – Amnesty International called on Asma al-Assad, the British born wife of Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad, to break silence and speak out on behalf of Syrian people and specially the Syrian women. 

Amnesty’s statement came as the International Women’s Day is approaching on Thursday, March 8. 


Iranian Quds Force Among Dead In Syria

Stop Fundamentalism – Amid rising clashes in Syria between Assad forces and Syrian people, and climbing number of victims in that country as a result, an internal Iranian IRGC source says that a considerable number of bodies of revolutionary guards members killed in Syria have secretly been transferring to Iran from that country during the past few days.


Trapped Journalists in Homs, Syria Call for Help

Stop Fundamentalism – Sunday Times Photographer, Paul Conroy, and Le Figaro’s reporter, Edith Bouvier have appeared on YouTube released videos calling for help.


Syrian Journalists and Bloggers Arrested for Reporting Unrest

Stop Fundamentalism – 14 Journalist and bloggers were arrested in a raid by the Syrian government in Damascus Thursday, reports the Committee to Protect Journalists, a nonprofit organization that aims to promote press freedom worldwide.


Syria – Crime Against Humanity in Progress

Stop Fundamentalism – Latest report by the Human Rights Council of United Nations in which Syrian dictator was accused of committing ‘Crime Against Humanity’, was protested by the Iranian regime.

“This will open a new way that would undermine the UN General Assembly’s impartiality and the Islamic Republic will protest it,” said Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations General Assembly, today.


Iranian Operatives Captured in Syria Aiding Assad Forces

Stop Fundamentalism – A paramilitary group that belongs to the Syrian Free Army says it has captured a group of armed Iranians in the city of Homs.  The group uploaded a video clip of the men on Youtube showing they carry Iranian documents and speak Farsi.


Iran Jamming Arabsat Al-Jazeera Network Television Programming

Stop Fundamentalism – Al-Jazeera news network announced Tuesday that its programming signal through Arabsat is being jammed from two locations in Iran.

The Qatar-based network says it has been experiencing continuing disruptions for months on its news program and just recently found that Iran is the source for the interference.


Syria - 111 Villagers Killed in a Raid by Assad Military Forces

Stop Fundamentalism - While Bashar Al-Assad's government has agreed to accept Arab League's proposal to allow a team of its observers into Syria by Thursday, the government forces seem to have stepped up crackdown on the civilian population of the country, according to reports by activists in Syria.

On Tuesday, government forces advanced on the northwestern village of Kfar Owaid, completely surrounding the village.  When villagers started to fleeing to save their own lives, government forces surrounded them outside the village and then started shelling and shooting at the them. 


Egyptians Rally to Condemn Violence against Women by Military


Stop Fundamentalism – Cairo has been the scene of more unrest recently with many Egyptians protesting violent and suppressive actions of the interim military government that has come to power since the fall of this country’s Dictator Hosni Mubarak who resigned earlier this year in February.

Specifically there have been many reports of mistreating, abusive and violent behavior towards Egyptian women by the military soldiers.  A video clip surfaced earlier last week showing an Egyptian women being beaten and subjected to degrading treatment in the streets by soldiers.  The video showed the women being pulled by her hair while another soldier stumped on her chest.