Arab Spring
Wednesday May 24, 2017

Syria – 17 Protesters Killed, Heavy Gunfire and Explosions Reported

Stop Fundamentalism - Syrian Activists say 17 protesters have been killed in clashes when army opened fire on demonstrators in various regions of the country. Most heavily hit was the city of Rastan in Homs province where at least 14 protesters died Wednesday, say Syrian Human Rights Observers. 

Reports indicate that the Syrian army has stepped up its operation in the Homs province and heavy gunfire and explosions can be heard in various areas.


Syrian Opposition In Search of Leadership

Nima Sharif
After six months has passed since the start of the popular uprising in Syria against the rule of Assad family; a real political alternative is yet to be established by the opposition.  This gives the ruling government the chance to hold on to power while being crushed by ongoing protests and demonstrations and international condemnations for the killing of over 2700 of its citizens in the nationwide clashes.

Sharq Alawsat, a major Arabic language newspaper published in London, reported that after many conferences and forums and coalitions forming, yet a political alternative to represent the opposition and the people in streets of Syria is far from reach.


Yemen After Return of Abdullah Saleh

Stop Fundamentalism - Reports from Sanaa, Yemen indicate that at least 40 people have been killed yesterday when fighting broke out after the surprised Friday return of President Ali Abdullah Saleh from Saudi Arabia.  In total, over 100 people have been killed last week.

Saleh was in Saudi Arabia for apparent treatment of wounds he had received when his quarters were hit by rockets fired by rebels back in June.


Young Woman’s Death Anger's Syrian Protesters

Stop Fundamentalism - Clashes between demonstrators and Syrian military and government forces continued throughout last week leaving many protesters dead.  Also reports of activists being killed and tortured at the hands of government forces and the level of brutality used is capturing much media attention nowadays. 

One major disturbing story has been about an 18-year-old girl named Zeinab al-Hassani whose mutilated body was found by her mother apparently on accident as she was trying to get the body of her activist sun from the government forces. 


The End for Gaddafi, A beginning for Libya

Stop Fundamentalism, 21 August 2011 – Reuters reported today that Libyan rebels have captured Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif Al-Islam, the head of the rebel National Transitional Council told Al Jazeera television on Sunday.

According to Reuters the Libyan rebels have managed to push Gaddafi fighters back 25 kilometers of Tripoli.


Iranian Regime Warns Users about Google Plus

Stop Fundamentalism, 20 August 2011 – During an exhibition to show Ayatollahs capabilities in cyber warfare in Tehran, an Iranian internet official told reporters that, “Social networks such as Google Plus pose extreme danger for Iranian internet surfers.”

He said that such social tools are play grounds for enemies and asked Iranian’s active in social space not to enter these networks.


Europe, U.S. , Japan and Iran React to Syrian Protests and Crackdown

Stop Fundamentalism, 20 August 2011 - Demonstrations continue across Syria in Damascus and other cities.  19 protestors were killed Friday when their rally was met by security forces’ machinegun fire.  News agencies report that besides those killed, over 300 demonstrators were arrested.

Dissidents announced yesterday that there is growing opposition among the ranks of the Syrian military in Hama and a number of officers confronted Bashar Assad’s plainclothes agents.  The officers announced that they have organized groups to protect demonstrators and people.


Syrian Protests Continue as Obama Calls for Assad to Leave

Stop Fundamentalism, 18 August 2011 – Wednesday 9 people were killed by the military forces of Syrian President Assad in the city of Hama. 

Some of those killed, died near a mosque where a number of demonstrators were chanting and calling for overthrow of Assad, after the afternoon prayer and in time for Eftar (time of breaking fast during the month of Ramadan).

Syrian demonstrators condemned the killing of Palestinian refugees in a camp by Latakia and chanted in their support.


Killing continue In Syria, 2 year old girl dies in Portal City

Stop Fundamentalism, 16 August 2011 - Agencies reported on Monday that a two year old girl was among 31 killed in the city of Latakia when Syrian army engaged civilian anti-government protests.  She was one of three children who lost their lives in Monday clashes.

Reports also indicate that 42 were also killed on Sunday in Syria by the army in Latakia.  Despite heavy and bloody crackdown people took to the streets on Sunday night to demonstrate.


Iran - Enabling the Persian Spring

Ali Safavi
From Weblogs of Huffington Post
In his speech last month about the seismic shifts unfolding in the Middle East, President Obama referred to the "shouts of human dignity... being heard across the region" and said, "The question before us is what role America will play as this story unfolds."

The ousting of several dictators in recent months, the latest being Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, and calls for democracy echoing across the region, are clear signals that change is inevitable. That is partly why the president stressed, "There must be no doubt that the United States of America welcomes change that advances self-determination and opportunity."