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Sunday April 30, 2017

Iran Threatens European Union of Oil Ban Consequences

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian regime foreign ministry called the European Union’s announced ban on Iranian oil imports, illogical and unjustifiable, in a statement released yesterday by the ministry.


European Union to Ban Iranian Oil Imports and Close Iran’s Central Bank Accounts

Stop Fundamentalism – Foreign Ministers of the European Union Member States voted Monday to ban import of oil from Iran as a reaction to Iran’s defiance of international concern regarding its clandestine nuclear activities.

The European Ministers who met in Brussels today also agreed to freeze all accounts held by Iranian Central Bank throughout Europe.


France Says Iran is Pursuing Nuclear Arms; Wants Sanctions

Stop Fundamentalism – France is taking a strong stance against Iranian government and is calling for tougher measures against the country as an answer to its ignorance of the international community’s demands to come clean about its nuclear development program.

Alain Juppe, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, told reporters that he is certain that “Iran is pursuing the development of nuclear arms.”  He said that last IAEA report was “quite explicit on this point.” 


Camp Ashraf Countdown: Hundreds in Geneva form a Human Chain

Stop Fundamentalism - Hundreds of demonstrators in Geneva formed a human chain, despite heavy whether condition, connecting UN’s High Commission for Human Rights headquarters in this city to High Commission for Refugees Friday to show concern about the safety of Iranian exiles living in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

The situation becomes more critical as the deadline for the 3400 residents of Camp Ashraf draws near. 

Iraqi forces attacked the camp last April killing 36 residents and wounding hundreds in a raid that was condemned by the international community.  The residents of the camp are unarmed.


Threatening Iranian Dissidents, MEK in Iraq

Jean-François Bège
French Parlement Publication – LE COURRIER DU PARLEMENT -  December 2011 (Partial Translation)

Living in Camp Ashraf north of Baghdad, the Mujahedin-e Khalq, MEK, fear an Iraqi military assault. 

The situation of Iranian exiles in Iraq, especially in Camp Ashraf, 80 Kilometers north of Baghdad is still unknown in Europe and France. The 3400 Iranian opposition members of Mujahedin-e Khalq, MEK are constantly threatened by the Iraqi Army.  An attack on the camp back in April 2011 cost the lives of 36 residents and tens of injuries. 


Camp Ashraf - Deadly Countdown to Catastrophe

Stop Fundamentalism - Only a month remains for the Iranian exile refugees in Camp Ashraf as the Iraqi government continues to threaten the resident that it will close the camp at the end of the year.  Many fear this may be a death call for many of the unarmed residents in the camp.  The Iranian opposition sounds the alarms and calls on Europe to respond quickly in a conference held in Residence Palace in Brussels, Wednesday.

Earlier this year in April, Iraqi forces raided the camp killing at least 34 residents and wounding hundreds some by Iraqis shooting directly at them.

The remaining one month scheduled by Iraqi government to close Camp Ashraf should be considered an alarming issue for European Foreign Ministers to send a strong message to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. 


Hungry Denied Iran’s Foreign Minister Fly-Over

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, was rejected a fly-Over by Hungarian authorities, said an Iranian foreign ministry source Monday.  He was on his way to Hague to attend an International meeting on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Sunday when Hungarian air authorities forced his plane to return. 

"Hungarian government refused to allow the airplane carrying Ali Akbar Salehi to fly across its space and raised some technical pretexts, whereas the plane had received permission to use air space of different countries, “said a source at Iran’s foreign ministry.

Hungarian officials say the plane had technical issues and did not meet country’s overflight standards.


High Rep. Catherine Ashton Will Ask EU 27 to Accept Ashraf Residents

Stop Fundamentalism – High Representative Catherine Ashton is going to ask the 27 member countries of the European Union to take in those residents of Camp Ashraf who have links to them, said an anonymous official to AP Thursday.

This will make a big portion of the total number of residents in the camp.  However the actual number has not been disclosed yet.


Camp Ashraf – A Humanitarian Catastrophe Looming at Iranian Refugee Camp in Iraq

Stop Fundamentalism – European Conservative MEP, Struan Stevenson, said to AFP today that 180 Members of the European Parliament from different political groups signed a statement calling for the postponement of the declared December 31 deadline by Baghdad to close Camp Ashraf, home of 3400 Iranian refugees.

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in a press conference held in Baghdad today that, “Based on agreements made, members of the MEK will be expelled from Iraq at the end of 2011 and should be transferred to third countries.”  It was unclear whom Iraqi government had made this agreement with.


Belgium – Iranians and Europeans Warn of Looming Massacre in Iraq

Special Report By: Rob Writer

Urgent and vigorous action should be taken by European Union nations and the United States to force the Iraqi government to cancel its 31 December deadline for the closure of Camp Ashraf, say prominent international figures.

Distinguished political figures from the EU and US are alarmed that Iraq, in its imposition of the stringent deadline, is determined to hamper efforts to relocate the residents, members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, outside Iraq.

The calls come as the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) warns that Iraq, at the behest of Iran, is preparing a new attack against the camp that could lead to another massacre. The information are based on Iranian Resistance sources inside Iran.


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