Human Rights In Iran
Tuesday May 23, 2017

Aleppo: A Complete Metldown of Humanity

Civilians killed on spot as battle for Aleppo nears end

ALjazeera net reported on Tuesday December 13 that Pro-government forces have reportedly executed scores of civilians in Aleppo, including women and children, according to the UN, as the battle for Syria's largest city nears its end.


Iranian Resistance’s Position on the Crime Against Humanity in Aleppo

Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), regarding the crime against humanity in Aleppo and the continuation of savage bombings and massacre of innocent people in the streets of this city, said:

This is the biggest crime against humanity of the 21st century and it is being perpetrated by Khamenei, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), their mercenaries and the Assad regime.


Ms. Anthea McIntyre Speaks to European Lawmakers About Human Rights Abuses in Iran

European lawmakers held a conference at the European Parliament on Wednesday, December 7, the eve of the Human Rights Day. The focus of the meeting was the violations of Human Rights in Iran. It was held by the initiative of the Friends of a Free Iran intergroup at the European Parliament, which has support of some 300 MEPs from different political groups, and proposed to urge the EU High Representative, Federica Mogherini, and Member States to condition the expansion of relationships with Iran on a halt to the executions.


U.S. Senate Briefing Urges Tougher Iran Policy

Senior US senators have gathered to receive a briefing on the US policy towards the Iranian regime.

During the briefing, the lawmakers condemned the Iranian regime for its human rights violations and their destabilisation of the Middle East.


Tunne Kelam: We have a moral obligation to support democratic alternative to Iranian regime

Tunne Kelam, a member of the European Parliament from Estonia, said in a speech last week that it is important to support the Friends of a Free Iran if we are to ever help the people of Iran. He noted that it is one of the oldest groups formed by members of European Parliament and said that for numerous declarations they have had “absolute majority of support for a principled approach to the Iranian regime”.