Saturday August 19, 2017

Iran: Officials in Trump’s administration with links to Iranian regime and lobby

It has been reported recently that there are some members of President Obama’s policy team in the State Department still working for the Trump administration. The two Presidents have very differing views when it comes to foreign policy, especially with regards to Iran and the Iran nuclear deal. Obama adopted an appeasement strategy whereas Trump is dealing with the country harshly and with firm rhetoric.


Iran: Journalists arrested as elections approach

On 19th May this year the Iranian presidential elections will take place. On the same day, the elections for local councils will take place too. However, in the latest of actions that prove the elections are a “sham”, and before the registration for candidates has even opened, Iranian authorities have arrested a number of journalists.


Trump's Policies for Iran Are Redressing Power in the Middle East

Despite not even being in office for 100 days yet, President Trump has started to prepare to bring stability to the Middle East. His foreign policies are not complicated – they are straightforward. He is not planning to have a bunch of complicated treaties that no one can understand and he is sending a message, loud and clear. 

President Trump is approaching the problems in the Middle East in a realistic manner, and already we can see the effectiveness of such an approach.


Trump Welcomes Saudi Official to White House In "Historic Turning Point"

In a “historic turning point” in relations between the two countries, the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman has just been welcomed to the White House by US President Donald Trump. 

The meeting on Tuesday incurred moments of tension and a difference of opinions, but the next day issues were on the way to being resolved. In a statement, a senior advisor to the Prince said that on the first day of meetings “relations had undergone a period of difference of opinion” but the following day issues were “on the right track, and marked a significant shift in relations, across all political, military, security and economic fields”.


Rajavi: Women Are the Pivotal Force of the Iranian Resistance

At a roundtable discussion “Women in Leadership, the Experience of the Iranian Resistance”, Mrs Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), spoke about the struggle for freedom and equality for Iranian women. 

She emphasised that women in Iran are rising up against the misogyny and tyranny they are faced with. She said that since the 1979 overthrow of the Shah, women leapt forward and started to participate in street demonstrations. Women, and the wider society, was looking forward for ways to progress. However, the ruling regime was looking the other way and was trying to pull the country backwards.


Who is Hassan Rouhani?


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