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Tuesday May 23, 2017

Speech by Struan Stevenson on Iran: Human rights abuse & EU reaction

Umayya Center for Research & Strategic Studies in collaboration with the Institute of Strategic Thinking (SDE)


Human Rights Abuse & EU Reaction

Saturday 17th- Sunday 18th October 2015, Istanbul, Turkey


Struan Stevenson: Ethnic, religious minorities persecuted in Iran

Former European lawmaker Struan Stevenson spoke on Saturday at a conference in Istanbul on Minority Rights in Iranian Society.

He said: The mullahs' regime in Iran is systematically persecuting ethnic and religious minorities, "Iran is a deeply corrupt country. Its fascist leadership thrives on oppression.


NCRI strongly condemns MSC meeting in Iran

Munich Security Conference meeting in Tehran in presence of German Foreign Minister is against peace and security and is strongly condemnedAllowing Iranian regime intervention in Syrian crisis will exacerbate, prolong and spread the conflict and crisis


Iranian Dissidents Disrupt Motakki’s Speech in Dublin

“Dictator,” screams an Iranian protestor, “He is a dictator.  He is a terrorist.”

Shortly after this man walks out of the room, a second Iranian shouts, “Why did you kill Iranian political prisoners, you are a murderer.”

{qtube vid:=-pvVOyj0ttE}

Iranian Foreign Minister, Manuchehr Motakki’s visit to Dublin takes place at a time when Iran leader are rejecting United Nations sanctions ratified yesterday.

Mayday Smiles for Iran

We All Smile for Iran In support of Freedom
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