Thursday August 17, 2017

Iran: Military Budget Rises by 70% Despite Extreme Poverty

For the year March 2017 to March 2018, Iran’s budget bill is expected to be heavy on military funding. This is despite the record lows regarding currencies. The budget bill is currently under review in Iran’s parliament. 

Iran’s currency plunged on 26th December last year raising concerns that the country’s economy was in danger. Reports say that the street value of the rial hit 41,500 to the dollar on 26th December. Just three months previous to this, it was worth 35,570.


Weakening Russia's Support for Iran Is One of Trump's Goals

In an article in the Orange County Register by their editorial board, published January 26, they discuss future US policy regarding Iran. 

The mixed legacy of the Obama administration in the Middle East leaves U.S. policy uncertain. To take a different direction means taking a departure from our current course, and President Donald Trump wants to just that, in a bid to encourage Russia to weaken its support for Iran, and upend the balance of power away from our Arab allies. Although approach may prove risky, “the United States now has few options, and may be forced to choose quickly among the least bad,” according to the Orange County Board.


Iranian Regime Losing Its Grip

There are many major events taking place that are sending ripples across Iran. They are certain to change the future of Iran in a large way.

Firstly, a new administration is now in place in the United States. President Trump, and many officials in his administration, are strongly opposed to the Iran nuclear deal and are acutely aware of the danger posed by the Iranian regime.


Iran's Policy-Making Mechanism Needs a Closer Look

In hisarticlefor the American Thinker,Heshmat Alavi, political and rights activist focusing on Iran, writes about policy making in Iran. 

As the Iran presidential election grows near, a precise look at the policymaking mechanisms at work in this regime is needed.


Iran: Indifference Surrounding Fraud in the Government

The Iranian regime’s media will periodically release some news about the corruption that is so prevalent in the government. Earlier this week, a state-run newspaper claimed that the enormity of embezzlement and corruption in the country is far too big to ever be able to correct. 

Javan newspaper claimed: “Iran’s economy is faced with a real challenge. The astronomical figures of embezzlements and corruptions revealed every once in a while point to a sick economy. If until a few years ago we were optimistic that a rebuke by the judiciary could save this sick-in-bed economy from the scourge of embezzlers and keep it alive, today, however, with such large numbers appearing every day on the front pages of newspapers and ironically being endorsed by the judiciary in their press conferences, we’re almost running out of hope.”


Who is Hassan Rouhani?


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