Thursday August 17, 2017

How Can the US Be Prepared for Conflict With Iran?

In 2015, Harry J. Kazianis, the Director of Defense Studies at The Center for the National Interest wrote about how the United States military could strike Iran. This was originally written at a time when the nuclear deal was being prepared and many had voiced opposition to it – calling for it to be abandoned. 

Kazianis pointed out at the time that even if a solid nuclear deal is agreed, there are still many topics regarding the Middle East where the United States and Iran disagree. He emphasised that the US needs to be ready to confront Iran should the case arise.


Trump Must Expose the Iran Deal, After Gassing

The renewed use of gas by Bashar Assad opens a more disturbing question of who actually knew the Syrian leader still had chemical weapons. On numerous occasions, it was said that that the Syrians had rid themselves of those WMDs. There have been contentions made that Saddam transferred his chemical weapons to Syria and that would make Trump not Vladimir Putin's personal "useful idiot.”


Ebrahim Raisi Officials Enters Iran's Presidential Election

On Thursday, Ebrahim Raisi officially announced his candidacy in Iran’s presidential election. This came at a meeting of the “Popular Front of Revolutionary Forces”, as he gained the highest number of votes amongst the “principalists”.

Back in March 2016, Raisi was appointed by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as head of the Astan Quds Razavi foundation, a major economic entity associated with Khamenei himself.


Iran: Are the Ethnic Minorities Being Undermined as the Elections Approach?

Iran is getting ready to elect its next president in May. Although the president of the country has an inferior position to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, these upcoming elections may be significant given his deteriorating health. 

There could be a transition to double leadership in Iran and it is important to turn our attention away from the country’s capital and towards border areas. We are used to hearing about hardliners versus moderates in Iran, but this is only applicable to Tehran.


Tunisian Presidential Spokesman Denies Remarks Attributed by Iranian Regime's Media to Tunisian President

A spokesman for the Tunisian president has denied the remarks attributed by Iranian regime’s media to Tunisian president al-Baji Qaed al-Sebsi during his meeting with the regime’s Minister of Culture and Guidance.

Regime’s official news agency had falsely quoted al-Sebsi as saying “Iran is supporting the Islamic world against the Zionist regime.”


Who is Hassan Rouhani?


Iran: Stock Losers of Financial Firms Rally in Mashhad, 6 June 2017

Iran: Protest In Tehran, In front of Parliament against Credit Institutions, 6 June 2017