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Tuesday May 23, 2017

Mapping Human Brain, Unlocking Mysteries of Human

WASHINGTON, AP — President Barack Obama is proposing a new investment into research to map the human brain in hopes of unlocking some of its mysteries, a senior administration official says.


NWA 7325 - Green Rock That Came from Planet Mercury

NWA 7325 - The Green Rock from the Planet Mercury found in Morocco

SF News – A greenish looking rock found last year in Morocco, is believed to have come from earth’s neighboring planet in the solar system, Mercury, say Scientists who studied a collection of 35 meteorites.


Space Colonization Just a Generation Away

Mining Colonies in Space

SF News – While Australians do not have a space agency, they are mining experts and are willing to invest to find new ways of scavenging materials; even if that would mean finding their ways into space.  Owning some of the world’s major mining companies, Australians are now looking into Moon and other space bodies for resources.


Two-headed Bull Shark Fetus Found by Fishermen

Two-headed Bull Shark Fetus Found by Gulf of Mexico Fishermen

SF News – Fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico found a two-headed fetus in the uterus of a female adult shark.  The specimen that died after it was found was transferred to Michigan State University for examination by biologists.


Mankind To Blame for Bird Species Extinction

Extinct Birds

SF News – A study of regions on our planet that have just recently been inhibited by mankind revealed that human advancement has helped the extinction of over one thousand bird species, says ecologist Richard Duncan of University of Canberra, Australia.


Life on the Red Planet Observed by Curiosity Rover

Mars Curiosity Rover

SF News - NASA’s rover Curiosity sent back some amazing data from the red planet following a drilling done on a rock.  The data shows that the planet could have supported life at some point in past.  That is about three billion years ago.


French Princess’s Centuries-Old Slippers Found in Scotland University

Slippers found in British University

SF News – A completely gone ignored and unnoticed pair of tiny slippers, sitting in the Scottish University of Aberdeen collection for over hundred years, are now identified to have been owned by French Napoleon Bonaparte’s youngest sister, Princess Pauline Borghese.


Technology for Disabled Can Help Control Future Spacecrafts

BCI: Brain-Computer Interface

SF News – Using what is called a Brain-Computer Interface technology or BCI, scientists at the University of Essex have been helping NASA with a new design test to control spacecrafts.  The technology originally was intended to enable people with disabilities enter control commands into computers using only their brain waves without using their hands.


Do Dolphins Have Names?

A Dolphin

SF News – Dolphins are the only known living creatures, besides humans, that actually call out each other by names, says a study done by Royal Society.  The animals have been observed to use specific names to summon loved once fallen separate.


Iran Caught in another Photoshop Blunder with Qaher F-313

Photoshop Image of Qaher - F313 Fighter Jet

SF News – Iranians seem to be Photoshop savvies, but they surely need some training before they can fake more technology advancements.


Travel to Mars and Never Come Back: Colonizing the Red Planet

The Mars One mission is a life time mission and the settlers will never come back to Earth

SF News – Mars colonists are registering with a Netherlands-based not-for-profit organization called Mars One to be among the first traveling to the red planet, Mars, in 2023.  The travelers will be populating the first manned station on the planet called also ‘Mars One.’


Mobile App Helps Penn State Residents Fight Crime

Penn. State Police

SF News – Penn state police has developed a new Smartphone application to help it in receiving reports of suspicious activity. The application will allow Pennsylvania State residents take photos or write a note to the police directly.


Happy Driving in the New Year in a Fold-up Car!

Happy Driving in the New Year in a Fold-up Car!

SF News – The Hiriko Fold electric car is a new design for economy cars somewhat smaller that the smart car.  But this vehicle can actually shrink and fold to fit one third of a parking space for a normal car.


France - Giant Contract to Build a Giant Ship

SF News – A one billion Euro contract has been granted to STX of France for building of the largest recreational passenger boat (of Titanic type) ever.  The boat will look like a floating city which would accommodate 6000 passengers along with over 2000 personnel.


China’s New High-speed Train Travels at 275 Km per Hour

Grand opening celebration of the new high-speed train service in China

SF News – A new high-speed train is in operation in China, reports the German Der Spiegel.  The train will travel at about 275 kilometers per hour connecting Beijing to the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.