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Wednesday March 29, 2017

International Nuclear Inspector Dies in Iran

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According to this report the car carrying two IAEA had gone off the road and turned over. The inspector killed is identified by the Iranian news agency, Mehr, as a Korean national.

The Accident took place near Khonab, which is part of Arak heavy water plant, part of Iran’s extended nuclear enrichment program which is under investigation by IAEA.  Iran is building a heavy water reactor at the site which is 250 kilometers from Tehran.

Iranian state-run news media have identified the inspector who died as the result of the accident but SF will not name him until his family is notified.  The news agencies also say that the other inspector is from Slovakia but have not released his name.

Permanent members of the Security Council and Germany will be meeting with Iran’s nuclear team in Baghdad on May 23 to draw up a plan to stop this country’s nuclear advancement. The program has western and regional countries concerned about their safety and security when Iran develops a nuclear weapon.

Iran refused earlier this year to extend IAEA access its Parchin site which is located inside a military zone and is heavily guarded.  Inspectors suspect that Iran has tested a nuclear trigger at this site which would only have military applications. 


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