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Monday April 24, 2017

Aide Supply Shortage for Pakistan Flood Victims: UN

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Currently humanitarian agencies in location have only food stocks to last for a month.  Drinking water and emergency shelter materials are expected to run out in a few weeks.

An OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs) team leader for the flood relief said that there are families who worry that their children will go hungry and will be left without any water.  The water at the location is contaminated, says the aid worker.

The UN has already provided food aide to over 400 thousand people.  It hopes to double the number in the next few weeks.

The recent flood is the second of its kind that has ravaged through a very poor region of Pakistan.  Last year’s flood devastated the Southern region of Pakistan leaving millions of victims.

The current disaster has lasted more than a month leaving billions of dollars in damges and millions of Pakistanis displaced.

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