Wednesday August 16, 2017

Supreme Leader of Iran Involved in Propaganda Movies to Harm Opposition (MEK)

The recent movie, “Adventure of Nimrooz (Midday Adventure)”, made in collaboration with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Iranian regime's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, was an attempt to humiliate the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) – the main Iranian opposition. 

State-run news outlets have said that it was the Supreme Leader who pursued the production of the film and praised those who worked on what he described as a “well-made” movie.

Iran: 79% of Southern Town Residents Lack Drinking Water

79% of the 283,000 people living in the city of Chabahar in southern Iran are deprived of piped drinking water in their homes, according to city official Ayoub Darvishi of the Chabahar.

“400 villages around this city lack piping, and drinking water is provided through tankers and in rations. Each resident has a ration of 15 liters of water per day,” he explained.

Iran: Academics vetted for ideological commitment

Reza Parchizadeh, a political theorist and analyst, has written an article for The Algemeiner regarding measures by Iran to vet university candidates. He explains that in another attempt to oppress the intellectuals in Iran, the regime will vet master’s and doctoral candidates to make sure that they have a genuine “commitment” to the ideological values of the Islamist regime.

If the candidate fails the vetting process, regardless of their scholarly or research skills and background, they will be barred from continuing their higher education.

Iran: Children and Fetuses Are Auctioned in the Streets!

The Iranian  newspaper, Noavaran,  published a report on October 31, which read, “…in the country’s economic and social mess and among strange, uncomfortable ads on selling kidneys and other things seen on the corner of the streets, hospitals and clinics, there has also been a new, more exotic ad in recent years and that is selling fetus in the womb.”

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