Friday May 26, 2017

Iranian MOIS Agents in the West Shouldn’t Go Free

Anne Singleton and her husband Massoud Khodabande

A former Deputy Director of the C.I.A's national clandestine service, John Sano, revealed in Paris on February 2, that "a secret war is going on in Washington" to influence U.S.’s future policy on Iran which " the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security, the MOIS, is fully engaged in." The former CIA official added that in fact, "they’re probably directing it."


Execution Style Killing of Three Kurdish Women in Paris

Three Kurdish women shot in the head in Paris this morning in an execution style murder

Stop Fundamentalism – Bodies of three young women of Kurdish decent were found in ‘Kurd Institute of Paris’ about two in the morning local time today, media reports say.  The women were all shot in the head in an execution style murder, say Paris police authorities.


US – Iran: Aircraft Carrier Sent to Middle East

Stop Fundamentalism – The United States sent its Stennis aircraft carrier four months ahead of schedule to the Middle East region in face of growing threats in the region by countries such as Iran and Syria.


Pentagon: Psych. Warfare against MEK is Iran’s Main Objective

Anne Singleton (left) and her Iranian husband Masoud Khodabandeh (right)

Stop Fundamentalism – A recent report prepared for Pentagon reveals that the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security or MOIS considered psychological warfare against its main opposition movement, Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK or PMOI) , to be “one of its main objectives” throughout the world.



Members of Al-Qaida Network Trained in Iran: Azerbaijan

Stop Fundamentalism – Republic of Azerbaijan says that a number of people arrested recently on the charges of terrorism in relation to the Al-Qaida network were trained in Iran. 


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