Is Iran a Bigger Threat Than Syria and North Korea?

20 April 2017

Syria and North Korea are a large concern for the Trump administration but Syria’s civil war has created a greater concern.  Millions of refugees have fled, and continue to flee the war in Syria. Diseases like polio, once thought to be extinct, have been revived, and the country has become a haven for Islamic State terrorists, as well.  

And yet, according to Jennifer Rubin in her article for the Washington Post, “these should be lesser concerns in the bigger scheme.”

Iran Standing in the Way of Resolution in Syria

16 April 2017

At the minute, the US and the Russian governments are debating about the future of Syria and how to proceed. One of the main points of discussion is regarding the withdrawal of Hezbollah and other militias. The US has made it clear that all armed forces from abroad that are supporting the Syrian regime need to leave. First and foremost, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), as well as the Lebanese Hezbollah and Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani militias.

The United States had as good as agreed that the Russian project aiming to end the conflict politically in Syria regardless of the survival of Bashar al-Assad was the way to move forward. But then the chemical weapons attack on Khan Shaykhun happened.

Iran Finally Getting Resistance From the US

15 April 2017

The war in Syria can no longer be described as a civil war. A more accurate description would be a clash of coalitions and opposing blocs. Iran’s presence in Syria is by far the most dangerous. In fact, in Iran’s involvement in propping the Syrian dictator up, Assad ironically seems to play a very small role. The Iranian regime is commanding Assad’s troops and has a much higher ratio of forces. 

Iran, with its huge financial wealth and the copious number of weapons that goes with it, has deployed jihadist agents all over the region to help in its domination of the Middle East.


14 April 2017

President Donald Trump makes it very clear that he does not adhere to the policy of his predecessor for Iran or many other issues. 

On February 2, 2017 Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor, put Iran “on notice” over missile tests. The next day Trump tweeted, “Iran is playing with fire — they don’t appreciate how ‘kind’ President Obama was to them. Not me!”

During his campaign, Trump described the Nuclear Deal with Iran by saying, “It’s one of the worst deals ever made.”

Sanctions Extended Against Iran by EU Council Over Human Rights Violations

13 April 2017

Iran, one of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s key backers, has been hit with extensions on existing sanctions, by The European Council, in response to serious human rights violations. 

On the same day that EU member states helped block a fast US/UK drive for new sanctions on the Assad regime and Russia, these sanctions that hit exports and target key leaders were signed off on, as well.

US Strikes in Syria Could Complicate Relations With Iran

12 April 2017

Relations between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran have been tense since President Donald Trump took office at the beginning of the year. The Iranian regime had become somewhat accustomed to President Obama’s rapprochement and appeasement policies. It spent years carrying out numerous terrorist and nuclear activities, not to mention the ongoing human right abuses, confident in the knowledge that the Obama administration would do nothing for fear of rocking the boat.

However unstable the relations between the two countries have been, it seems like the situation has become even more rocky following the missiles launched by the United States following the Syria chemical attacks that left dozens of civilians dead.

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