The Residents of Camp Ashraf attacked by Iraqi forces

Joseph Omidvari 08 April 2011

Joseph Omidvari
Camp Ashraf- 8 April 2011 - The Iraqi military units on direct orders from Al-Maliki attacked unarmed residents of Camp Ashraf this morning killing 31 people, including six women and injuring hundreds of others. The residents of the camp are protected by Geneva conventions and international laws. The camp is home to 3400 Iranian dissidents seeking establishment of a democratic government in Iran.

Iraq does Tehran's bidding in attack on Camp Ashraf

Jubin Afshar 08 April 2011

Jubin Afshar
Why would Iraq’s Al-Maleki order a heavy assault on 3400 unarmed, defenseless Iranian dissidents in a refugee settlement northeast of Baghdad? Reports reaching news agencies confirm that at least 31 Iranian dissidents have been killed and hundreds wounded. Medical supplies are being blocked as the critically wounded continue to die.

Iranian Dissidents in Camp Ashraf Attacked by Iraqi Army

Nima 08 April 2011

The Iranian opposition movement, National Council of Resistance of Iran, announced today that Iraqi military forces have started an attack on camp Ashraf north of Baghdad.

According to statements released by NCRI, so far at least 11 (the actual number later announced was 36, SF 27June2011) residents in Ashraf have been killed by Iraqi gunfire.  Heavy machine guns and sharp shooters are targeting unarmed residents.

Iraqi Forces Mobilize to Clampdown on Camp Ashraf Home of PMOI (MEK)

Nima 07 April 2011

Stop Fundamentalism, April 7, 2011 – The secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the Iranian Opposition released a statement today, warning about an imminent attack on Camp Ashraf by Nuri al-Maliki forces.

The statement says that over 65 Iraqi personnel carriers have entered Ashraf today carrying new forces. 

Iraqi Armored Vehicles Occupy Camp Ashraf North of Baghdad

Nima 03 April 2011

Archive Picture - Iraqis attacked unarmed residents using Humvees in 2009Stop fundamentalism, 03 April 2011 – According to a statement released by the National Council of Resistance of Iran today, Iraqi forces under command of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki government have occupied northern part of Camp Ashraf situated in north of Baghdad, Iraq.

Camp Ashraf is residence to over 3400 Iranian dissidents and members of the main Iranian opposition group the People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran or PMOI.

Hunger strike Ends as 36 Ashraf Residents go free

07 October 2009

Stop Fundamentalism – National Council of Resistance of Iran announced today in a statement that 36 Ashraf residents, who had been taken in custody of the Iraqi forces on June 28 during an attack on the camp, have been returned to the camp.

Those released where on their seventieth day of hunger strike and Sixth day of dry hunger strike. As reported, some were unconscious when they were returned to camp Ashraf. 

A resident of Ashraf indicated that the prisoners were taken directly to the camp hospital for immediate medical attention.

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