Baghdad Blamed for Death of Former Camp Ashraf Resident

25 December 2012

AP, BAGHDAD - An Iranian exile group representing residents of a refugee camp outside Baghdad alleged Monday that one of its members has died after Iraqi authorities prevented him from being hospitalized last month.

President Talabani Warns of Iraqi-Kurds Faceoff

06 December 2012

Tensions Rise Between Baghdad and Iraqi Kurds

Stop Fundamentalism – Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani warned the Iraqi people on his official website that the political process preventing an Iraqi civil war is facing major threats.  He blamed lack of trust among different political groups to be the cause of the rising tensions.


Iraqi Kurds and Central Government Agree to Talk

26 November 2012

AP - Iraq's top military spokesman says that Iraqi and Kurdish security officials have reached an agreement to defuse tension between the central government and the self-ruled autonomous region over disputed northern areas.

U.S. Warns Al-Maliki Not to Attack Kurds

19 November 2012


Stop Fundamentalism – United States Vice President, Joe Biden, warned Nouri Al-Maliki about any armed conflict with the autonomous Kurdish region forces Sunday after earlier clashes on the Kurdistan region border in Iraq, reported the Kurdish media yesterday.

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