Protests and Unrest in Iran on the Rise

14 March 2017

As tensions rise between Iran and the international community, the people of Iran are taking to the streets to protest the situation at home. Domestic unrest is on the rise. 

Teachers in more than 20 cities across the country protested in the streets and urged the authorities to listen to their demands. 

They participated in sit-ins in front of ministry of education buildings and chanted about the plundering policies of the regime and the repression and suppression they face. They held placards saying “No to prison”, “Detained teachers must be freed”, etc.

Iranian civil society gathering

19 June 2016

The signing of the nuclear agreement with Iran seemed to some Iranians as a new epoch, as they sought more social and political shifts in the Iranian government, to embrace a more liberal and pragmatic approach. However, despite all the optimism that came with the signing of the nuclear agreement, Iranians haven't seen much change one year later.

Members of Parliament urge UK to focus on human rights in Iran policy

21 October 2015

 A vast array of British lawmakers from all major parties on Monday (October 19, 2015) took part in a conference in the UK House of Commons to discuss the underlying reasons for increased executions in Iran and the future sequels of the deteriorating state of human rights in that country, the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom said.

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