Remarks by Anna Fotyga former Foreign Minister of Poland and Member of the European Parliament At Free Iran Rally 2020

Anna Fotyga

Transcript of remarks by Anna Fotyga, former Foreign Minister of Poland and Member of the European Parliament a long-time supporter of the Iranian Resistance (NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran), on July 17, 2020, addressing the Free Iran Rally 2020 Free Iran Global Summit.

Dear friends of free Iran, dear Iranian friends, dear members of Ashraf community, and first and foremost, dear Madame Maryam Rajavi, I would like to thank all of you once more for the nth time for your leadership and inspiring all of us, in particular all of us in the European Parliament, and all parliaments of European Union of Europe, of the principal values of your love to your country, the admiration of your ages, centuries, thousands of years' worth culture and tradition of states. 

Dear friends, be sure that within European Parliament you have a large group of admirers and supporters of people who monitor this situation in Iran daily. We want to be of your assistance. We want to tend to the wellbeing of ordinary people of Iran.

We know that your fight for the liberation of your country from the kleptocratic cruel regime of mullahs is noble combat, that even under very difficult circumstances, conditions exacerbated by COVID-19, you maintain courage, determination, and resolve to fight for your own country.

We are aware of atrocities that were imposed on Iranian society previous autumn, and throughout through all these years previously.

I'm happy that we were able within the European Parliament to show our solidarity by using our usual tools, supporting solidarity, condemning the regime.

I know that there's still much to do, that European policies were not entirely successful, that you owe something from us, that we should be more firm, more determined, and more decisive in pushing for changes in Iran.

I'm sure that your combat is to bring success, to bring freedom, liberty, and wellbeing to all people living in Iran, that you're able for after so many years to return to your homeland and enjoy the proximity of your friends and your family. All the best.

Let us help free Iran.

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