A Real Harry Potter Style Invisibility Cloak

A Real Harry Potter Style Invisibility Cloak

SF News – A newly developed Harry Potter style camouflage fabric can make soldiers completely invisible in the battlefield, claims a Canadian based company.

The new fabric, does not use any batteries, lights, mirrors or cameras but the trick is with the fabric itself. It uses a light wave bending technique to move images behind it to front, making the object, any object under it, totally invisible.

The new fabric can even fool night-vision equipments, and unless you physically run into the object, otherwise, you will not see anything, says the developer.

Apparently the U.S. and Canadian military have already shown interest in the development of the product called the Quantum Stealth fabric.

The developing company, Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation, is not willing to do an actual demo saying the product is very secret.  But it says those who need the material, have seen it and can verify that it works.

The material makes the object wearing it disappear in 360 degrees meaning any viewer looking from any angle will not be able to see the object.  The company claims to have been able to make "an entire vehicle disappear."

This new cloak fabric is said to be very lightweight and inexpensive.

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