Iran’s New Plan for Suppression

New footage and video are publishing everyday showing the mass killings and suppression in Iran Protests 2019

By Navid Felker

More than ten days have passed since the nationwide protests in Iran. New footage and video are publishing every day showing the mass killings and suppression. Government officials and security authorities in Iran are attempting to defame the protesters as thugs and saboteurs to justify their repression.

Meanwhile, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei came out from behind the curtains ordering the new plan for more suppression.

“Here is my advice. First, you should be prepared for all areas of defense in the ‘hard’ field, in the ‘semi-hard’ field, and in the ‘soft’ field. Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Basij forces must have prepared strategies and tactics in all neighborhoods across the country. To confront various incidents you should have prepared strategies and tactics.

Don’t be surprised. Try not to be surprised by anything. Don’t be caught unaware. The experience of the Committees in the 1980s was very positive. Use that experience,” Khamenei said, referring to Islamic Revolutionary Committees, patrols that were tasked with identifying and arresting opposition members in every neighborhood. “During the 1980s, the Revolutionary Committees were present in every neighborhood, in every place. They were always present. Whenever an incident took place, everyone saw these brothers.”

“Second, never show a quick reaction in soft war. Of course, you should react to the enemy, but it is better to react with initiative and creativity. You should always be one step ahead of your enemy. Forecast all the enemy’s steps.

Neutralize enemy movements. Like a skilled chess player who predicts what the other side will do. Always be one move ahead of your enemy,” he added.

Khamenei's reference to the committees of the Islamic Revolution in the 1980s is important as it resembles the conditions of the first decade of the Islamic Republic: war, quotas, unrest, the wave of repression and executions.
He explicitly confesses that Basij militias should be present in every neighborhood and patrol the streets at night and day. This situation disrupts the balance within Iranian society.

The consequences of Khamenei's advice to the Basijis are nothing but blind arrests under various pretexts. Khamenei's statements indicate that from soft war to hard war, the battlefield between the Iranian people and the regime will now be different.

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