How Iran Fuels Syria War

Editor 16 March 2018

This book examines how the Iranian regime has effectively engaged in the military occupation of Syria by marshaling 70,000 forces, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and mercenaries from other countries into Syria; is paying monthly salaries to over 250,000 militias and agents to prolong the conflict; divided the country into 5 zones of conflict and establishing 18 command, logistics and operations centers.

NCRI –terrorism and Fundamentalism

Editor 15 February 2018

 Revolutionary Guards are main cause of war and terror in region

The clerical regime has expanded its war mongering and criminal interventions in Syria and is seeking to reach the east coast of the Mediterranean by capturing Iraqi-Syria ground passage.

Exposing the Revolutionary Guardsʹ inhuman role in mobilizing, training and deployment of Afghans in the Syrian war

Editor 06 February 2018

Comprehensive Report
Foreign Affairs Committee
National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 2017

The report

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps does not have the ability to send Iranian troops or members of the Basij militia to Syria. There is strong public opposition to intervention in Syria. Thus, the regime has taken advantage of the poor people of Afghanistan to advance the war in Syria.

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