Iran: Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Political Chief Says The Regime's Future Is Tied To IRGC

Staff Writer 02 May 2008

NCRI- Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) official weekly Sobh-e-Sadeq published a recent interview with Brig. Gen. Yadollah Javani, political chief of the IRGC on its philosophy of existence. The weekly quoted him as saying that “the IRGC is the arm of the supreme leader,” Ali Khamenei and the Iranian regime’s “future is tied to that of the IRGC’s."

He stressed that the “IRGC’s policy is nothing but that of the leader's” and the IRGC “must follow the line of Velayat-e Faqih [absolute clerical supremacy].”

The 2016 Vote in Iran's Theocracy

Staff Writer 16 March 2018

This book examines all the relevant data about the 2016 Assembly of Experts as well as Parliamentary elections ahead of the February 26, 2016 elections date. It looks at the history of such elections since the 1979 revolution and highlights the current intensified infighting among the various factions of the Iranian regime…

Iran’s Nuclear Core

Staff Writer 16 March 2018

Uninspected Military Sites, Vital to the Nuclear Weapons Program

From the organization that revealed the existence of illegal uranium enrichment and heavy water reactor sites in Iran in 2002, which triggered the inspections of the Iranian nuclear sites by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran’s Nuclear Core:

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