Iran’s Currency Crisis is Fault of Current Regime

Navid Felker 24 April 2018

by Navid  Felker
According to Iran’s leadership, the United States it to blame for its current crises regarding their hold on power and the expansion of their influence in the region. However, recent developments within the country show that the underlying currency and economic situation is real threat to the regime.

Autopsy Report Still Unreleased for Iranian Canadian Who “Committed Suicide” in Prison

Editor 24 April 2018

by Staff writer, SF
Iranian Canadian academic and Environmentalist Kavous Seyed-Emami died in Iran’s Evin Prison two months ago, yet officials have still not released a final autopsy report.
According to attorney Payam Derafshan, who represents the Seyed-Emami family, when he spoke to CHRI on April 19, 2018, the preliminary report mentions “bruises on different parts of the body.” He claimed that the medical examiner noted an injection on the skin, and bruises on the body.

Criminal activities of Iran regime’s Intelligence Arm of IRGC

Navid Felker 24 April 2018

by Navid  Felker
Iran regime MP Mahmoud Sadeghi has criticized the intelligence arm of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), accusing it of rights abuses, in an open letter, in which he called upon IRGC intelligence director, Hossein Ta’ib, to “revise his style of management.”

North Korea Breakthrough — Could Dispute with Iran be Similarly Resolved?

Azita Carlson 24 April 2018

by Azita Carlson
An inter-Korean summit has been scheduled for April 27th. It is expected to be followed by a United States - North Korean summit in late May or June.

US Secretary of State designate Mike Pompeo’s successful meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is credited for the sudden breakthrough. Pompeo’s success in his first diplomatic mission is a cause for optimism for American diplomacy.

Iran’s Justice Minister Linked with Torture and Mass Executions

Editor 21 April 2018

 by Staff writer, SF
Iran’s justice minister, Alireza Avayi, is accused of being among those who have been involved in imprisoning, torturing, and executing Iranians over the past 39 years.
Yet, regime’s President Hassan Rouhani, said to be a “moderate reformist”, appointed Avayi to replace Mostafa Pourmohammadi and continue this discredited official’s policies.
Numerous protests followed Avayi’s speech that caused many diplomats to walk out at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Iran: Culture Ministry Official Arrested after Boys and Girls Dance Together at Shopping Mall

Atousa Pilger 21 April 2018

by Atousa Pilger
On April 19th, deputy prosecutor Hassan Heydari told the judiciary’s Mizan Online news agency that the head of the department of Islamic guidance in the holy city of Mashhad had been arrested for “undermining public decency and disrespecting the laws.”
The official was arrested on Thursday after a video showing young boys and girls dancing in public was posted online. The event took place on Tuesday. The boys and girls were innocently dancing in a shopping mall, where a singer was performing for a huge crowd.

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