The human rights situation in Iran is deteriorating and there is grave concern for the many political prisoners that are locked up around the country.

Iran Regime: Deplorable Treatment of Political Prisoners Raises Massive Concerns

Atousa Pilger 22 October 2019

By Atousa Pilger

The human rights situation in Iran is deteriorating and there is a grave concern for the many political prisoners that are locked up around the country. Many political activists have been arrested and sentenced to long prison terms because of their activities. Once in jail, they are denied a proper trial and are very badly mistreated. Some are denied medical attention, some are beaten, others undergo tough physical and psychological abuse. Many face all of the above.

The case of 37-year-old political prisoner Majid Assadi has been brought to attention in recent weeks. Assadi is suffering from a number of serious medical issues, some of which are related to a pre-existing condition that should be monitored very carefully and regularly by medical professionals. He suffers from a rheumatism syndrome named Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) that causes spine pain, inflammation in his vision network, ulcers and digestive problems. His health is deteriorating because he has not been given the necessary medical attention and treatment.

Conference held at the UK Parliament condemns human rights violations in Iran, calls for firm policy- October 17, 2019

Calls for British Government to Realise the Only Ally in Iran Is the People

Atousa Pilger 19 October 2019

By Atousa Pilger

On Thursday 17th October, cross-party Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom have called on the British government to ensure that human rights are factored into foreign policy towards Iran. They also called on the British government to recognize the Iranian people’s right to overthrow the dictators controlling the country.

Iran snipers killed protesters during recent anti-government protests in Iraq

Iran’s Snipers Responsible for Death of Iraqi Protesters—Reuters

Armin Baldwin 19 October 2019

By Armin Baldwin

Iran commanded snipers that killed dozens of protesters during recent anti-government protests in Iraq, an exclusive report from Reuters reveals. Reuters spoke to different Iraqi security officials, who confirmed the reports and commented on the role of Tehran is meddling in Iraq’s affairs.

Demonstrations erupted in various Iraqi cities in early October in protest to chronic shortages of jobs, electricity and clean water, as well as the violent intervention of Iran in their country. The protests quickly turned into a confrontation between the people and security forces and led to at least 200 deaths and 7,000 injuries. Iran-backed militias had a decisive role in quelling the protests.

Workers at the Azarab factory had gathered in protest against their salaries that had still not been paid

Iranian Workers Holding Strikes and Protests Because of Worsening Labour Conditions

Navid Felker 18 October 2019

By Navid Felker

It has been reported that in the city of Arak in the western part of the country, workers from the Azarab factory gathered to protest their poor living conditions and their employment status that remains uncertain.

The workers gathered in a square in the city on Sunday 13th October and made it clear that regime officials have seven days to finalise the shareholding rights of the factory and to put an end to the uncertainty that is overshadowing their lives and their futures.

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