Since the hijacking of the 1979 revolution in Iran by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the world witnessed the emergence of a new phenomenon, Islamic extremism.

The Ideology of Islamic Fundamentalism

Armin Baldwin 23 December 2019

By Armin Baldwin

As an ideology, Islamic Fundamentalism has a particular aspect and political way of thinking which distinguishes it from other ideologies in the twentieth century such as liberalism, socialism, nationalism, and etc. Islamic Fundamentalism, despite its multiplicity and variety in the field of views and actions in the Islamic world, has a common political way of thinking.

November 2019 Iran Protests and 1989 Tiananmen Square

Iran November 2019 Protests and 1989 Tiananmen Square

Navid Felker 16 December 2019

By Navid Felker

Make no mistake! Our aim is not to recite the history of today’s events in Iran and those days in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

In recent days, many analysts spoke about the consequences of the November nationwide protests in Iran. What was the Islamic Republic's purpose to increase gasoline and what did it earn? Is the result of the bloodshed, more intimidation in society or collapse of the regime?

The analysis of the 2020 budget of the Islamic Republic has several dimensions.

IRGC & The 2020 Budget

Armin Baldwin 11 December 2019

Analyses of Iranian regime's 2020 budget, spend on military

By Armin Baldwin

The analysis of the budget of the Islamic Republic has several dimensions. The technical details calculated in the 2020 budget leaves no doubt that the Islamic Republic will face a budget deficit. The Rouhani government, however, has tried to cover this deficit with tax and fuel price hikes. Institutions affiliated with Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei and the IRGC pay less than 1 percent of the country's total tax, despite a 10 percent share of Iran's economy.

After the November nationwide Iran proteststhe Islamic Republic of Iran is in Freefall

The Islamic Republic of Iran in Freefall

Armin Baldwin 09 December 2019

After the November nationwide Iran protests, the regime is stuck in an absolute deadlock

Analyses of Stop Fundamentalism

By Armin Baldwin

Most political systems have adopted ways to resolve disputes during times of crisis.

Winning the vote of confidence for the governments is one of them. Dissolution of parliament and early elections or the resignation of the Prime Minister and the President are all ways to get through the unstable situation.

The Iran Protests have triggered a power struggle within the ranks of the regime.

Will Rouhani’s Government Survive?

Armin Baldwin 05 December 2019

Analysis by

By Armin Baldwin

The Iran Protests have triggered a power struggle within the ranks of the regime.

One consequence of the increase in gasoline rates, or in other words its modification or purposefulness, was the serious involvement of the regime's parliamentarians in the matter of impeaching the ministers of state and oil. MPs hold the interior minister responsible for the country’s security and believe he did not provide the necessary security measures to control possible protests following the announcement of the gasoline price hike.

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