More Iranian Dissidents in Danger of Execution

Stop Fundamentalism – Prison guards at Iranian infamous Evin prison say that Gholam Reza Khosravi, a political prisoner, will be executed in September.  Mr. Khosravi is changed with ‘Moharebeh’ which carries a death sentence. 

Moharebeh, meaning waging war on god, is a crime refereeing to activities against the Islamic Republic’s rule.  They can be as simple as publishing a blog post on a website.

Golam Reza Khosravi, 47, was originally sentenced to death for extending financial aid to Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization or MEK.  He was told by Evin prison guards that he will be executed on September 10.

Khosravi was originally arrested when he was 16 during the 1980s.  He spent 5 years in prison for political reasons at that time.  Then he was arrested in 2007 and this time received a six year prison sentence.  In 2010, he was transferred to Evin prison’s solitary ward. 

At the same time 5 other political prisoners in the southern city of Ahwaz, have been sentenced to death.  The prisoners, who are of the Iranian-Arab minority, have been notified by the prison officials that their execution will be carried out imminently. 

4 Iranian-Arabs were executed back in June including three brothers for participating in 2011 protests in Ahwaz.

Iran economic situation is on a downfall as international sanctions against its nuclear ambitions continue to grow.  The Iranian regime uses executions as a mean to crackdown on people and prevent further uprising. 

Also 5 prisoners have been executed in other parts of the country during the last five days. 

Iran has executed at least 225 people since the beginning of the year.