1988 Iran Massacre witnesses issue new call for justice

1988 Iran Massacre Witnesses Issue New Call for Justice

Azita Carlson 17 July 2019

By Azita Carlson

Survivors and witnesses of the 1988 massacre in Iran gave testimony on Monday about what they witnessed after Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa that led to the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners after only show trials held entirely by Death Commissions. They had gathered in Ashraf 3, the Iranian Resistance headquarters in Albania, on the fifth and final day of the Free Iran rally for the “Call for Justice on 1988 Massacre” conference.

Iran arrests eight Christian converts

Iran Arrests Eight Christian Converts

Atousa Pilger 12 July 2019

by Atousa Pilger

Iranian security services have arrested four Christian women in Bushehr on July 8 for practising their religion.

Khatoun Fathollahzadeh, 61, Maryam Fallahi, 35, Marjan Fallahi, 33, and Fatemeh Talebi, 27, were arrested along with their husbands. Their homes were raided and they were placed in solitary confinement.

Calls for release of illegally detained environmentalists in Iran

Calls for Release of Illegally Detained Environmentalists in Iran

Atousa Pilger 04 July 2019

by Atousa Pilger

The families of a number of jailed ecologists have issued a joint letter to the Islamic Republic’s head of judiciary calling for the release of their loved ones.

In their letter dated 28th June, the relatives note that the conservationists were not given fair trials, with a number of violations being noted, yet their loved ones remain imprisoned. They brought up the same concerns in a letter less than two months previous to this. The “illegal procedure”, they explain, is still continuing.

Young woman violently mistreated by Iranian regime agents

Young Woman Violently Mistreated by Iranian Regime Agents

Azita Carlson 27 June 2019

By Azita Carlson

The Iranian regime is facing major pressure from several angles. It is under a huge amount of economic pressure because of the crippling sanctions that have been put in place by the Trump administration with the aim of cutting the regime off from the funds that it uses to finance terrorist activities.

On a hunger strike outside Iran’s London embassy, Mr Ratcliffe says he’s faced Iranian ‘aggression’

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Her Husband Band Together in Hunger Strike

Navid Felker 20 June 2019

by Navid  Felker

A British-Iranian dual citizen and her British husband began a joint hunger strike this week to demand her unconditional release from an Iranian prison. The timing is dangerous, as the relationship between the two nations has grown increasingly strained.

Christians in Iran

Iranian Christians Asking for Prayers After Regime Crackdown

Navid Felker 18 June 2019

by Navid  Felker

Christians in Iran are asking for prayers from the international community as the Regime’s authorities continue their attacks against the minority religious group.

In one of the most recent incidents, agents of Iran’s feared Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and EIKO, an organization controlled by Iran’s Supreme Leader, raided the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Tabriz on May 9, according to advocacy group Middle East Concern (MEC). The MEC explained that the agents changed the locks, “tore down the cross” from the church tower, installed surveillance equipment, and ordered the churchwarden to leave.

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