Iran –Political Prisoner Tortured for Writing to UN Human Rights Rapporteur

06 August 2011

Stop Fundamentalism, 5 August 2011 - According to human rights watch groups in Iran, a political prisoner by the name of Afshin Baimani is losing his sight, undergoing severe torture.

Baimani has been sentenced to life in prison for political activities and currently is in solitary for writing a letter to the UN Iran Special Human Rights Rapporteur exposing treatment of prisoners in Iranian jails.

Amnesty International: Iraq Should Cease Harassment of Iranian Exiles in Ashraf

15 July 2011

Amnesty InternationalStop Fundamentalism- World’s human rights body, Amnesty International, in a public statement released on 23 July, urged the government of Iraq to cease harassments of the residents in Camp Ashraf who are Iranian exiles and members of the Iran’s main opposition movement Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI).

The rights body also called on Iraq to ensure resident’s “unhindered access to medical care and humanitarian needs.”

“This new challenge to the existence of Camp Ashraf follows months in which the residents have come under increasing pressure from the Iraqi authorities,” says Amnesty in its statement.

Amnesty International, as the main international organization observing human rights abuses around world, has repeatedly called on Iraq’s government to respect the rights of Ashraf residents during the two years since the protection of the camp has been transferred from Americans to Iraqi forces in 2009.

“Earlier this year, on 8 April, Iraqi troops took up positions within the camp using excessive, including lethal, force against residents who tried to resist them. Troops used live ammunition and by the end of the operation some 36 residents, including eight women, were dead and more than 300 others had been wounded,” says Amnesty.

Iran Sanctions American Officials for Human Rights Violations

Nima 26 May 2011

Stop Fundamentalism, 26 May, 2011 - Speaker for Iran’s National Security Commission in the country's Islamic Council which plays the role of a Parliament, proposed a plan Tuesday to sanction and indicted a number of American officials on the charges of violations of human rights and crimes against humanity, reported Mehr state-run news agency.

Catherine Ashton Calls for a Camp Ashraf Resolution

Nima 24 May 2011

Baroness Catherin AshtonThe High Representative of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Baroness Catherine Ashton, in a press briefing , yesterday 23 May, told reporters that one of the subjects discussed at the Foreign Affairs Council was "Camp Ashraf."  

"Those of you who have seen the debates in the EP will also know how important the issue of Camp Ashraf is," said Ashton to reporters.

Camp Ashraf Crisis at EU Council of Ministers Meeting

Nima Sharif 23 May 2011

European Union High Representative Catherin AshtonNima Sharif
Europe’s Council of Foreign Ministers met in Brussels today to discuss, among other things, the deploring incidents at Camp Ashraf on 8 April this year that led to the tragic death of 34 unarmed residents of the camp and hundreds of injuries.

While the European Parliaments initiative provides for a long-term solution to the Crisis at Camp Ashraf, the European Union Council of Foreign Ministers should not overlook the immediate danger and the need for protection of the camp residents from further aggressions.  A permanent European observing team at the location will undoubtedly prevent more losses of life.

In fact as a major player in today’s world affairs, the EU should take the center stage in insuring that the international humanitarian laws are respected in Iraq.  This is especially important at the time when American forces are lowering their presence in that country thus the danger of such incidents would drastically multiply.  Europe no longer can afford to stand aside in face of international events and crisis.  Ashraf and its protection will be the chance for Europe to realize its role in the new global equation.

French MPs Support Iran’s Opposition

Nima 19 May 2011

Stop Fundamentalism, 19 May 2011 – A majority of Members of Parliament in the French National Assembly released a statement in support of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), The main Iranian opposition movement based near Paris.

The statement that was released at a press conference in Paris, yesterday called on the French government to “recognize the resistance against the religious dictatorship in Iran" and to "consider establishing a dialogue with the NCRI.”

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