Iran Defends Human Rights in France

20 October 2010

Stop Fundamentalism - Guess who is most concerned about the rights of protesters in the ongoing anti-retirement-age-reform strikes in France?  Surprisingly, it is the Iranian Parliament.

Tabnak, an Iranian state-run daily, reported that the head of Iranian Parliamentary Committee for Defending Human Rights has submitted a letter to General Secretary of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, complaining about violation of human rights of protesters in France.

Iranian Prisoner to End Hunger Strike or Face Execution

03 June 2010

A political prisoner currently on death row has been on a hunger strike since May 12 and is determined to continue.

A judge threatened Habibollah Golparipour, the striking prisoner that his execution will be carried out immediately if he does not end his hunger strike.

“I know I will be hanged soon.” said Golparipour in response to the judge, continuing that, “I would rather die my own way and will do it in way that would bring shame to you.”

Hunger Strike to Save Life of Iranian Political Prisoner

27 May 2010

Majid TavakoliStop Fundamentalism - Following reports of deteriorating health conditions of Iranian political prisoner, Majid

Tavakoli, who is on his 5th day of a dry hunger strike, his mother and a number of other political prisoners, have started a hunger strike in his support.

Tavakoli, a student activist from Tehran Institute of Technology, started a dry hunger strike last Sunday when he was transferred to a solitary prison.

Dance Lessons Prohibited in Iranian Nursery Schools

22 December 2009

Mullahs’ regime has been known for leading the way in inventing means and measures to make living in Iran as hell for its citizens. 

Imposing sex segregation in schools and universities and even buses and harassment of women in streets by Basijies for wearing makeup or loose scarves are just some examples.

The latest measure that knowing the mullahs would not come as a surprise is the prohibition of dancing lessons in kindergartens and nursery schools.

Iran - Karubi’s Student Supporters Arrested

01 September 2009

Stop Fundamentalism - Five members of a student organization associated to Ferdowsi University in Meshad have been arrested.  The names of those arrested are, Mohsen Sanati-pour, Shayan Saremi, Amin Riyahi, Mehdi Khosravi, and Eftekhar Bozorgian.

Iran unrestThe student activists were all supporters of Mehdi Karubi. Karubi was one of the presidential candidates in the recent election and a member of the ruling clergy in Iran.  He has been rather outspoken regarding the election results.

According to reports, no one knows how and why the students were arrested as well as where their whereabouts are.

Iran – Representative Calls to Prosecute Mehdi Karubi

19 August 2009

Stop Fundamentalism, 17 August – A representative of Ali Khamanie, the so called supreame leader of the Islamic Republic, in Revolutionary Guards Forces in Ghazvin, called for the arrest and punishment of Mehdi Karubi, former presidential candidate in the recent Iranian election.Mehdi Karubi, former presidential candidate in the recent elections in Iran

Morteza Hoseini told Sahar news Monday that Karubi should be heavily punished for the letter he wrote to Rafsanjani, the head of Iranian expediency council.

Karubi, in an open letter sent to Rafsanjani, unearthed horrifying news of torture, rape and killings of young women and men in Iranian prisons.

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