Iran - Pastor of St. Paul Church in Esfahan Arrested

24 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – An Iranian-Christian news website, Mohabat News, says that Mr. Hekmat Salimi, the pastor of the Church of St. Paul in Esfahan was arrested in a raid by Iranian security forces on his house on February 22.

Iran Human Rights Violations in January 2012

08 February 2012

The Iranian regime announced publicly the executions of 45 people in the in January 2012.  That number included 16 public executions.

According to state-run media, the Iranian regime hanged a total of 11 people in various cities on January 4, 2012. Just Eleven days later, on January 15, twelve other prisoners were hanged.

Iran Executes 12 in City of Shiraz

16 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran executed 12 prisoners in the central city of Shiraz Sunday 15 January, report Iranian news agencies.  

Five of the prisoners were hanged in public in various locations in the city and the reset were hanged in Adelabab prison in a group execution.

Iranian Political Prisoner, Behrooz Javid-Tehrani Freed

28 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – A prominent Iranian political prisoner, Behrooz Javid-Tehrani , who was arrested as a student activist for having contact with anti-regime groups has been released, says HRA News Agency, the Iranian dissident Human Rights Activists.

Javid-Tehrani was 19 years old when first he was arrested and overall has spent 11 years in different Iranian prisons for political reasons.

United Nation Vote Condemns Iran’s Violation of Human Rights

19 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – The United Nations Assembly General today condemned violations of human rights in Iran with in a resolution that passed with an 89 to 30 vote and 64 abstentions.  The resolution expressed concern at serious ongoing and recurring human rights violations in that country.

The resolution was already approved through the United Nations’ third committee in November.  On major point of frustration by the international community was Iran’s refusal to receive the UN special Rapporteur, Mr. Ahmed Shaheed who was appointed early this year to oversee the serious situation of human rights in that country.

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