Iran - Arbitrary inspection of private cell phones

21 August 2008

Stop Fundamentalism - Iranian state-run news agencies have announced that from now on, security forces are allowed to inspect cell phones in public streets.

This is according to a new law endorsed by “Department of Preventing and Combating Crimes!!!” in Eastern Azerbaijani province in Iran.

Iran – Student Unrest at University in Tehran

31 October 2007

Stop Fundamentalism, October 31 - Amid heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran after blacklisting of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Corps by the US, Iranian university students walked out of their classrooms yesterday in objection to Ahmadinejad’s government new oppressive measures and arrests of student activists.

Staging a demonstration at Allameh University, about one thousand students chanted against Ahmadinejad while holding pictures of their previously arrested classmates.

Reports indicate clashes taking place at the campus when the security forces arrested six student demonstrators.

The whereabouts of those arrested, 5 males and one female, are currently unknown.

Iran – Number of executions in 2007 exceeds 250

14 October 2007

Stop Fundamentalism, October 14 - The website of the [[National Council of Resistance of Iran]], reported recently that in the past ten months, in excess of 250 prisoners have been hanged by the Iranian regime. 

The report indicates that there are over 600 prisoners currently on death row in Iran, among them 71 juveniles.

Many international organizations, including [[Amnesty International]], have repeatedly condemned Iran for its dreadful record of human rights violations including a number of recent multiple public hangings which were filmed and televised by the state-run news media.

The NCRI, in its statement, expressed deep concern regarding the lives of over 60 political prisoners in Iran who are subject to continuous torture by [[Tehran]] rulers.

Twenty three prisoners, including two women hanged in Iran in past two days

06 September 2007

Stop Fundamentalism, Thursday September 6 – Two prisoners were hanged in the port city of Bandar Abbas in oil rich southern province of Khuszistan today, Fars state-run news agency reported.   This brings the number of executions in the past two days to twenty three.

The men executed today were identified as Ali D. and Karim T. who were alleged to have been involved in drug trafficking.

Twenty one other prisoners, including two women were hanged yesterday on the charges of “corruption on earth.”

Iran hangs seven on the charges of mischief

08 June 2007

Stop Fundamentalism, June 7 – The website of the Iranian opposition, NCRI, reported today that 7 people have been hanged in Iran on the charges of hooliganism and mischief.

Five of the victims where hanged in public in the City of Jiroft, the state-run daily Quds reported on June 6.

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