Political prisoner and student activist dies at the hands of Iranian regime

01 August 2006

political prisoner diesStop Fundamentalism, August 1 – Mr. Akbar Mohammadi who was arrested during Iran’s nationwide protests seven years ago by the students died in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison late Sunday several days after he started a hunger strike.

Mohammadi was given 15 years in prison for taking part in the organization the July 1999 student-led anti-government protests that erupted across the country.

In an interview with the state-run news agency ISNA, the director of regime's prisons in Tehran Province, Sohrab Soleimani, said, "Yesterday, Akbar Mohammadi was in perfect condition and upon his request and after the doctor’s check, he was released from the prison hospital and taken back to his ward."

Mohammadi died on the ninth day of his hunger strike. A week after beginning the protest, he refused to take liquids.  Sources say Mohammadi was beaten severely by prison guards prior to his death.

Teens Executed in Iran

26 July 2006

At least 103 people have been hanged in Iran since January of 2006

Stop Fundamentalism, July 26 - In the past four days, Iran’s theocratic regime hanged four people in the cities of Aq Qala, and Boroujerd.
According to the official news agency IRNA, on July 24, the mullahs’ judiciary hanged two young men in public in the northern town of Aq Qala. The victims were identified as 18-year-old Ibrahim Arokhi and 19-year-old Abdollah Qare-Qoul.

Mexican serial killer executed in Texas

28 June 2006

HOUSTON, Texas, June 28, 2006 (AFP) - A Mexican illegal immigrant convicted of brutally killing at least 15 people around the United States, most of them in Texas, was put to death late Tuesday, becoming the 23rd person to be executed in the United States this year.

Iran regime suppression of people on the rise

26 June 2006

Iran oppression of peopleThe Iranian regime is planning on further suppression on the people of this country.

In a so called “security and judicial seminar” on Sunday, the Governor, Prosecutor General and State Security Force (SSF) commander of Qom Province, located south of the Iranian capitol, Tehran, jointly called for further suppression of the people’s uprisings by the SSF, the official news agency, IRNA reported today.

The Governor of Qom Abbas Mohtaj said, “If there are shortcomings regarding (security), these people create disorder and insecurity.”

Iran executes 21 including 4 women in two weeks.

25 June 2006

Executions in iran - Public Hanging
Victim smiles at the noose and the executioner at the latest public hanging in Iran
Stop Fundamentalism, June 25 - While the international pressure on Iranian regime mounts to ensure the mullahs accept the incentive package and suspend their nuclear developments internally the oppression level on the Iranian rises to new heights.

In order to keep the situation under control, the Iranian regime has executed at least 21 people including 4 women in the past two weeks.

Defiant Iran insults new Human Rights Council

22 June 2006

Saied Mortazavi
Mortazavi, was directly responsible for Zahra Kazimi’s death
Once again the mullahs’ regime deliberately insults the international community.  This time by sending some notorious anti-human rights characters among its delegation to the United Nations new Human Rights Council in Geneva.

One character, well known for his involvement in torture and killing of many Iranians is Saeed Mortazavi, the Prosecutor General of Tehran.

Mortazavi, was directly responsible for Zahra Kazimi’s death. An Iranian-Canadian-photojournalist, who was raped, tortured and killed by Mortazavi himself in the Evin prison in 2003.  Kazemi’s death received international attention as it created a serious rift in the relationship between Iran and Canada at the time.

"His presence at the Human Rights Council is really shocking. It is an insult to the victims of repression in Iran," Lynn Tehini, of the journalist's rights group Reporters Without Borders, told AFP.

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