Khamenei Calls The COVID-19 Crisis A Blessing

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Iranian society is in a powder keg state thanks to the regime’s destructive and malign policies.

Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Mullah Ali Khamenei, in his speech on the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war, admitted once again the regime’s criminal policy of using COVID-19 to control the society. He said that the war, compared to the COVID-19 crisis, has been a blessing for the regime.

“War is naturally a terrible and violent phenomenon. But this violent and terrible phenomenon, which lasted eight years, had blessings for us and there is more to say about it. In other words, we got good and freshness from it.” (MEK Iran website)

Khamenei compared the current situation in Iran to wartime, confirming that he intended to use the deadly coronavirus to suppress unrest in Iranian society, like his predecessor, Ruhollah Khomeini. The Iran-Iraq war, which Khomeini prolonged for eight years, resulted in the deaths of one million Iranians, two million injuries, and the displacement of two million people across Iran. Although the Iraqi government proposed a ceasefire after months of arrest and destruction, on June 17, 1982, Khomeini did not accept the offer. Khomeini greeted the war as a godsend, calling it “a blessing from God.” He demagogically used it to denigrate any opposition to his regime.

MEK Iran’s YouTube channel shares further that last April, Khamenei also called the COVID-19 pandemic a test and blessing. In his words “with regard to the current problem in the country – the coronavirus epidemic – well, it is an epidemic and a test. There have been bigger tests, we have seen them in our country. It’s not something out of the ordinary. These incidents are happening in a lot of countries. Although I am not trying to minimize this problem, we must not make it bigger. This is something that has happened and will go away. However, the experiences that we will draw from this test could become an opportunity. If we keep these opportunities, this test will become a blessing and this threat will turn into an opportunity.”