Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

The US to End Sanctions Waivers on Iran

Azita Carlson 23 April 2019

By Azita Carlson

The Trump administration announced on Monday that it would no longer exempt any countries from US sanctions on Iranian oil as part of an effort to increase pressure on the Iranian Regime.

This move will affect China, India, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Greece, and Italy who were all granted waivers in November when the US reimposed sanctions, but the last three countries on that list have already voluntarily stopped buying Iranian oil.

Iran’s floods

Iran's Floods Show Regime Incompetence

Atousa Pilger 08 April 2019

by Atousa Pilger

You can tell a lot about the competency of a government from the way it handles domestic crises, so the flash floods that have recently besieged Iran provide an opportunity to examine the competency of the Iranian Regime.

Since March 19, at least 26 of Iran’s 31 provinces, including roughly 1,900 cities and villages, have been hit with major flooding. The official death toll is 62, according to the head of the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization, who believes fatalities will keep rising, but locals are reporting upwards of 200 deaths. While about a third of Iran’s roads have been submerged in water, blocked by mudslides, or otherwise damaged in the floods, admitted Behnam Saeedi, a representative for the National Disaster Management Organization.

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Fired on Protesters in Confrontation over Deadly Floods in Iran

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Fired on Protesters in Confrontation Over Deadly Floods in Iran

Navid Felker 06 April 2019

by Navid  Felker

According to activists in Iranian opposition groups, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has opened fire on protesters attempting to save their property from further flood damage.

In a predawn confrontation on Wednesday in Khuzestan province, activists report that Iranian Arab residents of the area, a minority also known as Ahwazis, were trying to stop the IRGC from diverting floodwaters onto their farmland. One protester was killed by the IRGC.

The Iranian People in Flood Stricken

The Iranian People in Flood Stricken Areas Must Act on Their Own to Mitigate Damage

Staff Writer 04 April 2019

By Staff writer, SF

In northern Iran, near the Caspian Sea, lies the city of Aq Qala whose population is more than 35,000. It was one of the worst flood-stricken areas in the country. To date, no tangible help has reached the residents of Aq Qala city.

During the past few days, regime officials have made promises regarding compensation for losses and for preventing further damage from the flood. Even those with no insurance for their cars, agriculture, or livestock are promised compensation.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’

Iran Regime's Aggressive Policies

Atousa Pilger 04 April 2019

by Atousa Pilger

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s annual address in the holy city of Mashhad is considered to be his most important speech of the year. With this speech, which he delivers after the Persian New Year, the most powerful man in Iran outlines his plans for the next 12 months in the Islamic Republic.

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