Howard Dean: Iranian regime are war criminals

14 July 2016

Howard Dean, a medical doctor, former governor of Vermont and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, spoke at a rally in Paris organised by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the Iranian opposition. The Washington Times published an article summarising his speech.

He said at the “Free Iran” rally that the Iranian Resistance deserves praise. He added that the State Department deserves mention too. Over the years he has had a lot of harsh words for the State Department with regards to “the issue of keeping their word to the people now at Liberty and before at Ashraf”.

Newt Gingrich: Iranian people will make history

14 July 2016

Newt Gingrich, a Republican and former speaker of the House of Representatives and former U.S. representative of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, spoke at the Free Iran rally in Paris on 9th July. The Washington Times published an article in which his remarks were summarised. 

He said that the nature of the Iranian dictatorship is a key issue in the current American election campaign. The nuclear deal made with Iran was “insane”, he said. Firstly, there are no moderates in Iran. Secondly, the dictatorship cannot be trusted. He said that giving money to the “leading state sponsor of terrorism makes no sense”.

Dissidents call for regime change at huge rally in Paris

14 July 2016

The Washington Times published an article about the Free Iran rally held in Paris on 9th July in which tens of thousands of supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) gathered “to call for the downfall of Iran’s theocratic government”.

Free Iran rally in Paris to be the start of a new chapter in Iranian history

09 July 2016

The July 9th demonstration in Paris is the world's largest gathering of people who seek to promote democracy and freedom in Iran. Thousands of people are expected to attend the event, as was the case last year. Accordingly, many of the demonstrators are traveling from across the world to have their voices heard. Various world leaders, politicians and parliamentarians, will attend this rally, to support a free and just Iran. 

Vidal Quadras On Iran: Let’s Not Be Too Optimistic

09 July 2016

By: Nima Sharif

In a prelude to Saturday’s grand gathering of thousands of Iranian dissidents in Bourget, France, a conference was held on Friday 8 July in Roissy-en-France near Paris. Many European and US political figures attended the conference speaking in three separate panels.  They spoke on different aspects of the current situation in Iran and the western policy towards the mullahs’ government. 

Essential to Counter to Iran’s Regional Misconduct

07 July 2016

By Lord Maginnis

As we approach the first anniversary of the Iranian nuclear deal, tens of thousands of activists and Iranian dissidents are set to rally this Saturday in Paris, calling for Tehran’s nefarious conduct at home and in the region to be tackled. One of the primary messages at this rally will be to condemn Iran’s role in the massacre of the Syrian people and to demand an end to its assistance to the Assad government.

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